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Fandom ~ Looking for partners! Fandoms and Original Plots ~ (UpDaTeD) always looking

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Flower Child

Hello, everyone! Thank you for stopping by this little post of mine. Before I get to the fandoms and original plot ideas I've been craving, I'd like to tell you a little about myself and what I look for in a roleplay.

I'm in my early 20s and I work at a hospital. I typically work 3-4 days in a row, always 12 hours shifts. So when I'm working I will not be able to reply. There could be a few days where I will be unable to reply, but I do try and get a reply in every couple of days. I also have a discord that I'm willing to give out if you would like to keep in touch for OOC chat. As for role play preferences, here is what I prefer.

1. I prefer my partners to be over the age of 18, considering my age.
2. Always enjoy romance in my roleplays, but I don't want it to be the driving force of the entire plot.
3. On fandoms-- I typically play an original character of mine paired with a canon. And I am always open to doubling-- I find it works best that way.
4. Reply length-- I usually prefer around three paragraphs but can work around whatever length my partner wishes. I can't stress this enough though, I HATE one liners.
5. As for ghosting, I understand that it happens. But please if you are getting bored with the rp, just tell me. No hard feelings. And if you want to pick up where we left off later on, just let me know.

6. LGBTQ friendly although most of my pairings are M X F, I will still play whatever gender you wish me to

Okay, enough rules! I'll start off with the fandoms I'm craving, ** by the ones I will automatically say yes to!

TV Shows/Anime
Drake and Josh **** (Ahhh, seriously guys.... I'm really craving this one. I want to do a 'college theme' here)
Criminal Minds**** (definitely craving here as well, as long as we both have driving forces for the RP)
13 Reasons Why*** (yep, who doesn't love teenage angst?)
Attack on Titan*** (So many Oc's for this)
Death Note****
CSI Las Vegas** (same with criminal minds)
The Strain
The Descendants*** (CRAVING)
American Horror Story
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
One Piece**
Workaholics*** (I've been craving this for sooo long. So many prompts)
Reno 911
Black Butler
Trailer Park Boys ** (same as Workaholics. I can see so much fun with this RP)
Better Call Saul
The Office
The Purge (willing to make this an AU thing)
Breaking Bad
Stranger Things


The Lord of the Rings series
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Outsiders**


And Here are the Original Plots that have popped into my head. I'm pretty much willing to brainstorm on ANY of these : )

Original Plots

A college/school for the supernatural?
Anything with wolves/vampires

I have a BIG plot idea for an ASYLUM RP. I have a large page that details the different characters have already made. (This rp will be lightly supernatural and dive into taboo topics. More info in PM!)
Mafia (1920s preferably but willing to negotiate)
Apocalypse (zombies, pandemic, whichever)
Pirate themed
Heiress X butler/servant*
Detective X Killer (think like a Dexter scenario)
Scary movie/Serial Killer plot (think people on vacation being terrorized, willing to brainstorm) ***
Queen X any
Angel X Demon**

**Hopefully something here caught your interest! Please either reply to this thread or even send me a PM. Looking forward to hearing from everyone**
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