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Multiple Settings looking for partners // closed


♥ Cover me in pink
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

❥ We all must imagine Sisyphus Happy "

About Myself;
ㅤㅤ❥ Please call me Lucy or Luci
ㅤㅤ❥ I go by she/her
ㅤㅤ❥ I'm 18+
ㅤㅤ❥ I work and attend college full time, so I'm often busy
ㅤㅤ❥ EST timezone

ㅤㅤ❥ I do third person
ㅤㅤ❥ I've been roleplaying off and on for 10 years
ㅤㅤ❥ I really enjoy OOC and plotting with other people
ㅤㅤ❥ I play any and all types of characters, male or female
ㅤㅤ❥ I'm fine roleplaying all pairings

What I'm Looking For;
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who is 18+
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who is cool with being bothered by my constant talking!
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who communicates and contributes to the planning process
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who is okay with using Discord or RPN
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who's decent at grammar and writes one or more paragraphs
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who is okay with oc x oc as I don't play canon characters
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who enjoys long-term roleplays
ㅤㅤ❥ Someone who is okay with doubling on characters, as I often do that!

ㅤㅤ❥ I'm fine with waiting for responses as long as you communicate!

ㅤㅤ❥ Harry Potter
ㅤㅤ❥ Percy Jackson
ㅤㅤ❥ Pokemon
ㅤㅤ❥ JJK
ㅤㅤ❥ Fallout
ㅤㅤ❥ Elder Scrolls

Plots themes and genres;
ㅤㅤ❥ Slice of life
ㅤㅤ❥ Fantasy
ㅤㅤ❥ World-building
ㅤㅤ❥ Post-apocalyptic
ㅤㅤ❥ Comedy
ㅤㅤ❥ Gore

ㅤㅤ❥ If I ever get the chance, I'll fill this in. But I do prefer original plots!
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