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Hi there!

I'm looking for literate writers who can give me at least a paragraph worth of substance and I will do the same in return. I also expect good punctuation and basic grammar skills. You don't have to respond 20 times a day but if you could manage once a day that would be nice. And please let me know if you're not going to respond or if the idea isn't for you. I'm tired of coming up with cool ideas and then people ghost me.

I'm also looking for people who generally play Male characters because I generally play Female characters.

As for plots and themes, here’s what I had in mind.
I love these genres:
- Sci-Fi
- High Fantasy
- Urban Fantasy
- Slice of Life
- Cyberpunk
- Western (RDR2)

I love these themes:
- Enemies to Lovers
- Slow burn friends to lovers
- Criminal X Cop
- Superhero X Villain
- Nobility X Working Class

Hit me up here or I have a Discord!

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