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Eddie munson stan
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Pm if interested!
About me:
  • 1-4 paragraphs
  • 3rd person
  • Past tense
  • 18+
  • Part time worker
  • Full time student during academic year
  • Only plays f in fxf or fxm unless we are doubling.
  • Will respond at least every week if not more.
  • Romance is a must
Roles (^= craving, *=plot)
Deity x worshipper
Vampire x werewolf
Rich x poor^*
Openly gay x closeted
Bully x victim
Friends to lovers
Enemies to lovers
Sibling x sibling’s best friend^*
Hero x villain
Celebrity x celebrity^*

Fandoms (I only do oc x c or ocxoc) (^= craving, *=plot)
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Outer banks^
Stranger things
Winx fate saga ^

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