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Would you be interested in being Negan (or Rick or Daryl) for my Oc in a roleplay? I'm very happy to double:)


oof lord
Hello! I would love to discuss an RP with you, I agree with all your rules and I am pretty chill with pairings along with what I would play.

I am best with Fantasy expressibly when I use my own creatures But I would be up for almost anything as long As I have enough information on it.
@LittleAndClumsy : Hello there and good evening!
I'm actually going to be sleeping in a few minutes, but I did read through your thread.
I really like the Greek god x human, and the guardian angel x human they're protecting.
Forbidden romances are always fun as well. If you are still looking, feel free to message me if you'd like and maybe we can work something out?


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Hello! Nice to meet you!

Interested in hearing your plot for stripper/doctor pairing if it hasn’t been taken yet.

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