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Welcome to my revamped partner search! I'm your typical stay at home mom (this may change within the next week or so, hopefully) and so the only time I'm really online is from midnight to 2am EST. This sound good for you? Awesome! If not, please don't go away just yet. I consider myself literate though I'm sure I over use commas and don't worry, I won't be writing you a novel every single post unless you want me to. I'm pretty friendly, I love talking to my partners because I'm big on twists and turns.

Some basic rules:
No one liners. And don't you come at me like you're texting. All that "U GOOD MAN?" stuff? No thanks.
I'm ditch friendly but please let me know if you aren't interested. Chances are I'll work to find a new plot with you. Or if you just have a lot going on and need some time? That's cool too, but I can't help figure stuff out if I don't know what's going on.
Curse all you want but please have a few words between those f-bombs.
No rape scenes or extreme gore and sorry but I'm not into furries or the sort.
I will play males but if I play a male, you're playing a male too. I'll do m/f, f/f, m/m or even platonic relationships.

Still with me? Here's the things that I like!
Jurassic Park and all of the mishaps after the first one (CURRENT CRAVING)
The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead/anything zombies (always craving)
Greek mythology
Forbidden romances
Anything set in like 10,000BC. Gimme those sabertoothed kitties. <3
Love/hate relationships. Let's bully each other before we fall in love!
Slave/Master (sorry not sorry..)
Arranged marriage

Survivor x survivor in some sort of apocalypse
Vampire x human/hunter/werewolf
Cop x criminal
Ex high school sweetheart x ex high school sweetheart
Bully x victim
"Player" x new chase
Best friend's sibling x older sibling's best friend
Greek God x human
Slave x Master
Local trouble maker x goodie two shoes
Rival gang members
Rival anything, really.
Guardian angel x human they are protecting

Dragon x human: ** Wanting something similar to the movie I am Dragon **
Character A is to be wed to a dragon hunter but on the day that they are due to get married, they are kidnapped by a dragon mid-ceremony. Character B (the dragon) is summoned during the ritual song of the wedding, one that was originally forbidden but was used for the wedding due to the family of the groom. Originally, dragons killed the intended wives but Character B for some reason doesn't kill Character A.

MC and YC are visiting the newest addition to John Hammond's line of parks. Things have been running smoothly and the parks have been bringing in tons of money, causing an underground organization to attack - a hacker venturing to the park on the same day that the two characters are there for their visit. The hacker makes their way into the control room and gets rid of the staff though they don't stop there - they over-ride the park's systems and release all of the island's dinosaurs from their exhibits. With various kinds of dinosaurs on the loose, it is up to MC and YC to not only survive but to find a way off of the island.

Characters A & B are from two different kingdoms that have been trying to find a way to merge for decades. After years and years, the two characters are born - heirs to their kingdom. An idea is sprouted to merge the kingdoms through marriage and so at birth, it is agreed that Characters A and B will marry each other once they come of age. The only issue? Neither of them know each other and live very different life styles. Character A's kingdom is rich and full of resources while Character B's kingdom has tons of land and a great army. Merging the two is essential for survival at this rate and so the two give into their obligation to marry. Their parents tell them that "love will come eventually" but is this true?
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I don't quite think I have any plots matching your characters, I'm actually about to fix up my list to match what is still needed/has my interest.


Hey! Some of that Zombie stuff got my attention. (I've sort of made my own adaptation of this and my own little universe, but we can always go with the slow staggering ones too! Or brainstorm together ;))


To stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
Hey :)
Psychology student with the urge to play PTSD here.^^
I'd be interested in the Lost Love plot, if that one's still up for choice. xD

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