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Hello fellow rper’s, You can call me Toolwitch or Deer, even Hey you. I’m 27 and looking to write multi-paragraph stories that are rich in their own plot and world building. I’m very laid back when it comes to length and speed. I’d much rather have a good reply that you took your time on and enjoyed writing than a weak one that you forced out because you feel like you’re compelled to do so.

There is such a thing as writing fatigue and I fall prey to it often, so I try and pace myself, as such sometimes I can do multiple posts a day sometimes I can only do one, I hope it won’t be a deal breaker and thank you for understanding.

When it comes to stories I enjoying many kinds but sadly I can’t say I write fandoms, I might be willing to write oc’s in a fandom world but it’s a big maybe. I would be willing to discuss it though.

Story theme’s I do enjoy:

- Medieval setting.
-Urban fantasy/fantasy
-Small town/large cities
-Vampire/Werewolves, etc.
-Horror/Thriller ( Fav at the moment )

I do like eventually romance in my plots but I can do without.

I tend to write more mature, darker theme's, usually I like my stories to start off innocent but quickly devolve into chaos. I apologize if that is not your thing.

I can do all pairings MxF MxM FxF as well as play male or female character.

Here is some current pairing idea's I have.


-Good/Evil KingxCivilian



Current Plot ideas:

Ashen Ray:
A small mining town that holds a dark secret.

(This story can be in a high school setting or just be regular young adults.)

Character A is the town's black sheep if you will. Constantly bullied or straight out ignored, always in trouble with the local police. (though they rarely cause the problems.) Lives with his uncle who ignores them at best and get violent at worse. Despite all this, the townsfolk keep a close eye on Character A often reporting there escape attempts out of the town. Character B moves in the town with there own family and is greeted by the town warmly, people are generally nice to them and they seem to fit in rather fast. Character B quickly meets up Character A who is less than thrilled to have a newcomer and brushes off any attempt of friendliness Character B has to offer, believing sooner or later they will be just like the rest.

As Character B and A start to form a friendship, B begins to notice how strange the town is and their obsession with Character A. Character B starts digging into the mystery of the town, the whispers of a cult that lurks just underneath the surface, why do people sometimes go missing and what do they want with Character A.

Things to know about this plot:

-This story is a mystery based horror plot.
-This rp idea is a big one and would need you to be okay with possibly playing npc’s both random and semi-recurring. (ex: Character A's uncle, Bullies etc)
-You are welcome to play Character A or B and they can be either gender and if you want to say play an MxM pairing just let me know and we can do that no problem.
-You are free to name the characters anything you want but if you don't have any idea's I do already have the names in my head so just ask :)
-I do want Character A to be the broody type, remember they've spent their whole life being shunned, but you can take your own creative liberties, I do want you to have as much fun as possible.
-Character B is the opposite of A, laid-back, easy going with a good heart and a strong sense of justice. The same liberties apply to B as well I just wish them to be good natured.
-Any ideas you might have now or during the story please please please tell me, I'll most likely love them and will add it in. I want this to be our story anyway. :3
-I will explain a few other details once I know if you are interested in this story idea.

Thanks so much for reading and can't wait to write with you!
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