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Hello! Since summer is back and I have two months to do absolutely nothing, I decided it’s time to come back to roleplaying because I missed it. Honestly, I just missed writing in general.

Anyway, to find a few good roleplaying partners, I have to share my interests and preferences. If any of these sound like yours and you think we would be a good match – leave a comment, send me a dm or ask me for my Gmail. (Though, I would prefer to keep most of my roleplays on the site.)

What I expect from you and what can you expect from me:

  • Writing in 3rd person and past tense.
  • Long and decent replies; I love details, reading and writing.
  • If you aren’t that type of person, who participates in process of creating plot and storylines, I don’t think we will be a good match.
  • It’s alright if you prefer to keep ooc talk to a minimum.
  • I love back and forth roleplaying, but I understand that not everyone has as much time as I do.
  • If you are planning on leaving or don’t like the roleplay anymore, let me know. Because if you won’t do so, I will be pointlessly waiting for an reply.
  • Communication is important, even if it’s only about the roleplay stuff.
  • Good grammar and decent spelling.
  • Multiple characters and storylines are always fun.
  • If we do a fandom roleplay, doubling is must.
  • I love platonic relationships, but don't mind including romance into the storyline either.

Absolute No-No's:

  • I don’t write about furries or incest.
  • Crossing each other’s limits is always a big no.
  • if you are able to play only female characters, please, don't contact me.
Remember that roleplay involves two people, which means that both of us have to keep the plot moving and make sure that the roleplay stays interesting.

As far as plots go, I don’t have any yet. But I believe that we always can create something together. However, if you have anything in mind – let me know! I'm always down to fulfil my partner’s cravings. (I’m sorry that sounds hella wrong lmao.)

Down below you can find sneak peak of my two characters and fandoms, in which I am in.

A very charming young man, who uses his slick tongue to get what he wants. Since Thomas grew up having nothing, he had to learn many different ways how to get everything he wants and needs. Despite many people liking him, Thomas keeps his circle small because is afraid to trust anyone.
Hefner grew up in an orphanage. He doesn’t remember his parents. Thomas knows that he has a sister as well, but has never seen her. He only knows her name and that she was adopted immediately after Thomas ended up here.
Thomas stands tall and looks down on almost everyone. His black hair is curly and always messy; he doesn’t brush it because says it’s part of his style. Thomas has bright green eyes and prominent cheekbones. Because of his height and long legs, most of the pants are too short for him, sweaters also don’t have long enough arms.

A free soul, who seems to be out of this world. Margaretha doesn’t like her name and prefers to be called Abner. It's even better if you have your own nickname for her; she will cherish it. The girl grew up with three older brothers and a father. Her mother passed away when she was just three years old. She barely remembers her.
Abner had a lot of freedom and very little rules. Her brothers were looked after more and since her father had to balance two jobs, deal with three boys and make sure that there's roof on top of their heads, the girl had to look after herself. So far, she was doing a great job.
Margaretha loves all forms of art. She loves creating and making her visions comes to life. That’s why she didn’t go to college after high school – she just couldn’t pick one thing. Now, Abner is a photographer, dancer, painter and a lot of many other things. She has her ways to earn rent and make sure her wallet isn’t empty.

  • harry potter (marauders and/or the golden trio era)
  • skins (first two seasons only)
  • the hunger games (but please know, that i have only seen the films)
  • ...

Have a good day/night!
And thank you for reading my whole thread,
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Sounds like we'd be a good match! I'm new to the site but have been RP-ing on Google Docs for years. Currently craving a Marauder-Era RP. Doubling and LGBT+ ok!


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That's cool. I'm not big on mature scenes– my RPs are PG13. My OCs usually have mxf pairings, though some are LGBT (for example, my OC in avatar dated a girl in her 4th year, but her mom's an antagonist and shut it down, and her pairing in the RP is mxf, she's still LGBT but in the RP it plays like hetero). I'm also cool playing same sex as my partner's OC (like if they had a male OC playing opposite Remus Lupin/me/etc).

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