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Fantasy Looking for Partner

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Lately I've been fascinated with Faerie. Old, natural magic beyond the control of mortals. Creatures of incomprehensible power. Fairytales, feyfolk, great beasts, etc. If you must know, I recently read The Last Unicorn and am currently reading Stardust, and my inspiration to write fantasy shenanigans went into overdrive. I'm sort of working on a story of my own, but it's been a long time since I've written and I'm still trying to get myself together, so I figured this was a baby steps I could take.

So! This isn't formatted in a super pretty way, but I deal more in ideas than aesthetics when it comes to posts like this. I'm looking for folks who are

-Interested in plotting with me and chatting ooc
-Neither LGBT-phobic nor fetishistic (get outta here fujoshis)
-Not snobs about post length or syntax, but also put enough effort into replies to make things fun

A few plot ideas I have, though I am open to suggestions and can definitely come up with more!

-A mythical creature is turned into a mortal, and needs help to survive and find a way back to their original form
-A mortal of some humble background takes up arms to complete a heroic quest, only to quickly discover how dangerous the world truly is. Luckily, they encounter an ally along the way. (A fairy, mythical creature, druid, maybe even a goddess. Who knows!)
-The world is new and unexplored, and the first generation of adventurers are embarking on a mission to demystify and map out the deadly wilds.
-As the world industrializes, civilization encroaches on the lands of the feyfolk. Tension rises between those dwelling in the wilderness and their urban counterparts, while a handful of individuals from both sides attempt to keep the peace.
-Maybe something involving two deities? Creating the world together, waging war against each other, engaging in playful banter while their followers quarrel, whatever. This one is a little vague but it'd be fun to expand on.

Romance is optional for all of these, and I'm fine with characters of any gender. Lately my preference has been to write women, but I have experience with writing men and NB folks too.

I have a few other ideas bouncing around, so let me know what kind of thing you're looking for and I'll tell you if I have anything you might like. Or if you want to bring something of your own to the table, I'd love to hear about it! Shoot me a message and tell me what you think.

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