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Magician's Judge
Hey, all! I'm looking for some partners to get a long-lasting rp going! It would also be nice to make some friends, so if you'd like to chat about something I've listed down below that would be cool too :) For those interested, I'm in EST, but I don't mind being in different time zones.

Fandoms that I like include:
Star Trek
Harry Potter
Assassin's Creed
(I'm also into D&D although I've never done a dice roleplay before)

I also like modern, fantasy, sci-fi, and mixed genre roleplays. Just let me know what you're interested in and we can work out a plot, or let me know if you have a plot you'd like to do.

I will play male, female, and I generally double. For fandoms, I will only do canonxoc.

Now on to the roleplay requirements. Bleh.
My writing length varies, I am usually good at matching my partner's length. Just no one liners, please. It adds nothing to the roleplay and gets us nowhere.
If you're struggling or losing interest in the roleplay, just let me know. We can try working it out, or just drop it. When it comes to ghosting, if you don't reply for a lengthy time I'll try reaching out. Please don't be afraid to tell me you're just not interested anymore. I don't mind :)

So please reach out if you're interested! I don't bite! :D

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