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Nation Building Looking for Partner: Arranged Marriage RP

Hello! My name is Salemkitty. I am one of the co-creators of a OnexOnexOne RP called Royal Affairs. My Co-creator (SINNyorita) and I are looking for someone 18+, who can handle mature themes (gore, sex, other dark themes etc.). We want this RP to remain open in terms of how the story flows. It may remain PG-15 but we would like for it to at least have the option of more, should we as a trio decide it's a direction we want the story headed.

The tabs below will give you more information on us, what we are looking for in a partner & the RP. If you are interested, please reply here, and we will get back to you over PM.

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  • Name: Salemkitty
    Age: 20+ (Out of Undergrad, in work force, applying for Masters)
    Contact: If I am on my computer, you can probably get in contact with me.
    Availability: I work on PST currently, so my RP window is typically in the morning or late at night (depending on my work schedule).
    Experience: I have 10+ yrs of RP experience and just recently moved to RPNation full time this last year.

    I'm pretty chatty, but highly detailed so if there is an idea I want to work through, around, and over it to examine all parts of it and will archive the thought down for future notations.

    Name: SINNyorita
    Age: 20+ (Out of Undergrad, in workforce)
    Contact: Private messages off RPNation, or PM on RPNation (But I am less likely to respond quickly)
    Availability: IST, time zone. I have weird work times and schedules, so my availability is in flux a lot.
    Experience: I have 10+yrs of RP experience and also just moved to RPNation full time this year.

    I am chatty when I am online and not working. I am open to jam on plot, pictures, and musical themes for the RPG.

    We have known each other for almost ten years now.

tl;dr: You probably should, if you are in any way interested.
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This is a really interesting concept! I haven’t read through everything yet because I’m om my phone and it’s late, but I’d love to join you two. Tomorrow I’ll take some time to read through everything, but I thought I’d comment now so I don’t forget.

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