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Looking for Overwatch x)

B l a z e

Hello there! I'm a 25 year old male and I'm looking for people who're interested in 1x1 roleplays. I have been huge on forums for years but lately I have been fading away from them due to lack of interest in huge communities. I'm much more into the freedom you have with solo partners, so that's my jam. I posted another search not long ago on tumblr but fear that people may have been scared away by the fact that I live in gmt. Don't be! I'm awake and asleep at odd hours, so chances are, I can stay up and roleplay with you whenever.

Regarding my style, I do paragraph style, past-tense, third person. My replies are usually between 100-250 words and that's what I'm comfortable with. I can do longer replies if my muse is in it, but I prefer shorter and rapid-fire. Basically a ton of rapid-fire.


It would be a lie to say that Gabriel didn’t like getting out of the headquarters. While he took pride in his status as the commander, he had never been a people person. He didn’t like the sound of people, others getting up in his business or higher-ups telling him how to run the Overwatch. He had worked hard to get to this position and Jack had been with him through this journey. Maybe that was why he had chosen the younger soldier to come with him on this mission; because Morrison was one of the few people who didn’t drive him up the wall.

Gabe had already been through his shower, finished before Jack, but even though they were technically off duty, he didn’t seem to be able to put away his work. When the other entered the common room, Gabriel was sitting on the couch, nose deep in some field report.

At first, he acted like he hadn’t heard Jack entering the room but when the other asked for food, he turned to look at him over his shoulder. “Do I look like a chef to you, Morrison?” Gabe answered before he turned his head back to the report in his lap. “Perhaps there’s some cans in the kitchen, I haven’t checked but bring me something if you’re going there.”

Currently I am mostly interested in roleplaying canons from Overwatch. I'm a sucker for most of the ships, but I would especially love to play Junkrat against Roadhog or Reaper against Soldier 76 because I ship these characters way too hard. I'm also hella down with McCree and Hanzo but I don't have any preference as to who I want to play here, so whichever is fine.

Since I'm looking for Overwatch OTPs I'm also going to request that you're of proper age (18+) when you add me. I'm not going to fade to black during smut or violent/gore scenes, but I will not, under any circumstances, write these with a minor.

(so I'm not entirely sure if I can use the PM function in here yet as I've never actually used my account in here, but if you're interested and able to PM me, feel free to throw me your skype, e-mail, discord or tumblr!)


just gettin' started!
Oh, man, your little snippet really does seem impressive! If you'd like, I could certainly provide examples of my penmanship, in return. Y'know, check and see if you and I are compatible.

While I, tragically, don't play our lovely Boy Scout, Soldier-76, you mentioned being open to other ships. I have been told my hand at everyone's favorite DJ revolutionary, Lúcio Correia dos Santos. I know that the fandom doesn't often put him in the romantic spotlight (damn shame, I'd think), I am open to pretty much any character that you're skilled at. Though, there is one dynamic that I'm particularly fond of, and truly confused by the lack of attention that could be garnered. Like, given that the WidowTracer pairing has gained so much traction due to the varying contrast of sweet, upbeat speed demon and undead broodmaster, I have been placed with somewhat of a fascination with Lúcio and Reaper having some facetime, if you catch my drift. There are plenty of possibilities that I can bring up between them, so, feel free to ask for ideas!

I am of age, so content that leaves the realms of innocent are damn fine by my standards. Even if you don't have Lúcio ships, I do hope that you have a good time out on the hunt. Reply if you're interested!

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