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Multiple Settings Looking for new roleplay partners! <3

Greetings! Michi here. I'm looking for semi-literate, long-term roleplay companions so that we can create a romantic, dismal story together! I want a partner with whom I can collaborate and come up with interesting ideas as the scenario progresses. I adore fantasy and slice-of-life themes. I'm also open to participating in futuristic cyberpunk roleplay. I normally play female characters.


Please be 18+, I won’t roleplay with anyone lower then this/
You must be semi-literate, and over.
Please, don’t control my characters. I beg of you.
I don't do smut, dont expect any.
This really isn’t a rule, but please roleplay in a server with me. It’s more neat.
I can play female, and male characters. But I normally play females only.
3rd person ONLY.
Characters will be 18+, and older.
I only do 1x1, but I can ajust!
I normally write FxM, and FxF.
This isn't a rule, but I would like for you to use realistic faceclaims. It's still your choice, but I'm weird using drawn ones.


I’m 19!
Sometimes I wont reply. I’m busy out. But, If something comes up I’ll notify you.
I’m in the EST timezone. I’m okay with any timezone, since I stay up very late!
Small preference, but I like realistic face claims more than drawn ones. I don’t care about what you use though! Do what makes you comfy. ^^
I normally make pinterest boards, and playlists for our characters.
I love talking OOC, I hope thats okay with you. I like sending things that remind us of our characters.


Project Sekai.
Chainsaw Man.
Soul Eater.
Jujutsu Kaisen.
Stranger Things.
How To Fight / Viral Hit.
Alice in Borderland.
Omniscent Readers Viewpoint. (Just started.)


I do have a plot idea! But, If you dislike it we can always make something else, or use the plots I've provided down below.

t’s hard dating someone who won’t give you the time of day. Character A knows that better than anyone, having dated her indifferent boyfriend, for years. She sometimes wishes she could be more like her charismatic stepsister, who seems to have it all. But life takes a turn for the weird when Character A discovers Jellypop, a sentient flip phone, in her locker. Jellypop has a lot to say about her love life, especially as Characer A drifts further away from her boyfriend and finds herself running into his friend, Character B. He's a really nice guy and all, and he's also really cute. They slowly become friends over time, and maybe even more? No. They need to come up with a plan, a fake dating plan. It wouldn't hurt making someone jealous. Add to the mix a growing suspicion that her old-boyfriend and stepsister might be more than friends, and Characer A might need a miracle to navigate the ups and downs of romance!

This would be FxM, with me as the Female. I would be playing Character A, and you would be Character B! < 3

Good Girl x Bad Boy.
Bodygaurd x Model/Singer.
x Human.
Dancer x Trainer.
Angel x Demon.

These are just small ideas we can built on. But, If you don't like them thats ight! We can come up with something else! PM me if interested! <3


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Hi, I've always been lacking on writing out romantic stuff on rps and written works, so this would be great practice! I can adapt to anything :3

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