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Multiple Settings looking for narrative driven m// angst plots [always open]


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hi! i'm marley (mar-lee) and i'm currently looking for long term writing partners to create story-driven angst plots with!

please keep in mind that i am a minor and i am currently enrolled in high school and participating in marching band. my schedule is pretty full, so please don't expect daily replies. i can typically promise a good five or six paragraphs every other day with the exception of weekends, which is when i can reply much faster.

i typically write in lit. to adv. lit. my average reply length is around 500 words, but if i'm given enough to reapond to, i can probably get anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500, but this is not the norm.

i'm not super picky about partner reply length / literacy, but please be able to write at least lazy lit.! no one-liners please, i can't promise i'll be able to form a proper reply if you give me less than a paragraph to work with. i also ask for at least one reply a week! if there are unforeseen circumstances and you are unable to reply, that is totally ok! please just let me know so i don't think you've abandoned the plot.

as for plot ideas, i prefer to talk out specifics with whoever i'm writing with, but i do have some basic things we can work off of.

- rival band romance
- domestic angst (not abuse)
- political marriages / fake relationships
- arraigned marriages
- highschool sweethearts (with LOADS of teenage drama)

... and there's probably more somewhere, i don't have the full list on me right now. we could always do a combination of some of these, or none of them at all!

if any of that is at all interesting, shoot me a message or respond here so i can dm you! i'm open to most anything, so if you're itching to write something you haven't found a partner for, i'm your guy :D

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