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Realistic or Modern Looking for MxM!

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Hi! So, I'm brand new here from quotev, so I apologize if I get any lingo or formatting wrong. My name's Void, I'm 17 and I use They/Them pronouns. I'm a highschool student and I work a part time job, but I love to roleplay so I'll be on often! I don't ghost and please do not ghost me, I have lots of anxiety problems and I'd much rather you just tell me you don't want to roleplay anymore rather than keep me hanging. Thank you for understanding! I often include mental health related subjects in my characters, so please let me know anything you dont want in the roleplay.

here's what Im looking for in a roleplay
  • BxB (MxM?) oc roleplay. I don't generally double up
  • Looking for about a paragraph response! I can do my best to match lines, but I'm most comfortable writing 1-3 paragraphs. I'm happy to give a writing sample if its needed
  • Looking for someone who can give at least 1 reply daily!
  • Writing in 3rd Person is a must, past tense is a preference. I write in 3rd person past tense
OTHER INFO!! (Added 7/31)
  • I will bump you after a week! I understand it can be hard to manage everything sometimes!
  • I prefer threads but im cool with PMs just let me know!
  • I use a simple character sheet, but im happy to fill out whatever sort of form you have!
I have some written out plots (Not the best, I'll admit) and if you're interested in any of them or have a different idea* you want to propose I'm happy to listen! Just send me a DM!
*Do not send me any plots involving y-nd-res. They are a trigger of mine and will get you blocked from me.
If you can't DM for some reason you can comment here! But I will delete comments after a while to keep the thread clean!

Crossed out plots: i've done them too much recently, you'd have to really convince me to do them

1. muse A is in danger. Not a sort of horror movie danger, but a much more real one. They’re a runaway from an abusive relationship, homeless and skinny and definitely ready to fight for their life. Muse B is a wealthy businessman, taking the role of CEO from their father, and is well known for being kind, if closed off. On a rainy day they cross paths, and Muse B practically forces Muse A to come stay in his house until he’s back up on his feet. Will Muse A be able to break through Muse B’s business composure. And More importantly, will Muse B be able to protect Muse A from their abuser? (Inspired by storyline by @/littlemonster on Quotev )

2. Muse A was Sharp, Top of the class. Muse B was a bad boy, a fuck boy if you will, scraping by on school with no intents on heading to college. They parted ways, barely knowing each other’s names in the hallway. Years pass and Muse A is in a bad spot mentally. Apparently trying to be perfect for years means that something will eventually break. They meet again at a bar, with a heated one night stand following suit. With Muse A showing up again and Again at bars, does Muse B reach out to stop Muse A’s spiraling life? Would Muse A even accept the help?

3. "Can you please break my heart?" where a boy meets someone at a park and he asks them to break his heart to feel something rather than feeling nothing nothing at all

4. I have an idea for expanding on Outcast x Cool Kid?:

Maybe instead of “Loner Outcast” like I usually see the pairing maybe the Outcast is like the popular kid of the rough and tough and weird kids? Sorta like a bad boy type, but less popular and more people are afraid of him. Maybe the Cool kid and the Outcast are paired together for some sort of project, maybe they have to raise one of those fake babies together? And so they’re having to adjust their schedules and try to work around each other when they Don’t Mesh at All w/ the Cool Kid having to come get the robot baby before Outcast goes to the bar and the Outcast having to come pick up the baby for a football game etc etc? I thought something like that would be cute!
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