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Multiple Settings Looking for MxM Script Roleplay Partners <<Always Open>>

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Hello, thank you for looking into this post. I go by Bunny and I am hoping for some script style role plays! (Like the title said.) My pairing style is mostly mxm but I can do others if asked. What I can't do is canon x canon or canon x oc. Nothing against it, I dislike when I butcher characters personality.

Example of script roleplay:
Norman: *manning the cash register, bored out of his mind*

Beli: *passing by him, had forgotten to get a feather of an eagle to enchant a broom to fly, mumbling* Feather, feather. Where is that darn feather? *hair turning grey with her pensive thought*

Norman: *slight annoyance to her mumbles* It's in the cupboard. *goes to help her get it, being the taller of the two*

Beli: *hair turns fuschia, giddy* Thank you Norman, what would I do without you~? *takes the offered feather* Oh I need two please.

Norman: That much flight power? Are you crazy?! *had closed the cupboard*

Beli: *giggles* No, the other one is just in case.

Norman: *skeptic but retrieved it anyways*

Beli: Thank you. If a man comes in by the name Hutchinson, tell him it will be ready soon. *scurries up the stairs to her potion making room*

Norman: *sighs* You got it. *returns to his seat behind the counter*

*few people come in and out, most to buy simple trinkets, books and simple potions*

*crashes are heard from upstairs*

Beli: Norman! *frantically coming down the stairs, heels clompinh* Norman get down! *squeaks as she ducks down, the broom zooming out from the stairs to trash the place*

Norman: *inhales and three of the glyphs brighten and the broom is engulfed in a blue flame, stopping in its track*

Beli: Oh! Good catch. We have minimal damage this time. *checking the damages, back turned to the door*

*door opens to reveal Shuvi*

Norman: *looks* You come at a bad time Hutchinson.

And the short reply is down below.

(Alright let's go with the first one so it all goes quicker! I'll use the second one now that they're not interacting.)

Red walked along the path, humming a tune to himself when he saw a beautiful butterfly. He grinned and followed it, off the path, until he lost it. He frowned, finding he had lost his way, and walked aimlessly until he came to a clearing. Yawning the boy set his things down by the nice little pond, sitting down by the edge and dipping his feet in.
(I changed his name to O.)

O: *desserted by his pack, making his way to a clearing that smelled sweet, seeing a hooded caped person and a basket*
Red: *humming a soft tune, removing his hood and looking into the basket* Father told me I couldn't eat any of the bread.. But I'm hungry, and I don't know when I'll get to the town..
O: *watches, stomach gurgling, touches his stomach*

Fair warning, I do make a good amount of side characters and npc. Along with ooc chat.

Some plots and pairing are listed below.
band members
lets playerxfan
dnd players
managing a bar
fairytale reboot
masquerade ball
zombie apocalypse
ghostxnew tenant

Pm if interested.​
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