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Realistic or Modern Looking for MxF romance partners


Disney Girl
Looking for rp partners.

Here’s one plot idea I haven’t done in a while but I’m open to suggestions. Mainly MxF

  1. Muse A and Muse B are roommates. After a long night of partying, they stumble back into their apartment/dorm and fall into bed. Too inebriated to notice or care, they curl up in Muse A’s bed together. Muse A snuggles into Muse B’s chest, Muse B slides their hand beneath Muse A’s shirt. Morning comes and the roommates wake up, half-dressed, in each other’s arms, with no clear recollection of what happened once they got home the night before. All of the unanswered questions stir some curiosities between the roommates.
I can play male or female but I’m a little better at female personally. Dm if interested
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