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Fantasy Looking for mxf roleplay


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Hey everyone! I'm DarkRabbit! Sorry for the long post in advanced. :)
I am a twenty year old female from Canada. I'm currently looking for a full time job. I do have a small side job thingy as delivering food, which I work everyday for a few hours.

My replies WILL vary. There are times I do honestly forget to come on this site as I can have a lot going on, and there is no app for this. Not for Iphone anyway... I looked. I DO try and get at least one reply a day. I shouldn't EVER go a week without doing a couple replies. If I do, please bump as I could have thought I replied and didn't!.

I have been role playing for 8+ years. My replies go vary on what I’m given. I do NOT do one liners (or try hard not to). They drive me up the wall... I do understand that sometimes two characters are speaking and not much is said; but when it is continuously one liners, I will eventually say something. If you're honestly stuck on a reply, then please let me know. That is something you don’t need to worry about with me. I will communicate if I do get stuck, or even if the roleplay is getting dry. That’s a promise. Another thing is I won’t just leave a role play. It’s a pet peeve if people do that to me, so I wouldn’t ever do that to anyone else.

My main character is female.
I will not do a main roll as a male since I do not feel that I'm good at it, and I just prefer the female roll since I am female. I also do not do MxM or FxF. I am sorry for the inconvenience if that's what you were wanting. I can roleplay with other females though, but I would ask that they take the main male roll.​

That being said, I do play side characters, and randoms which are male and female.


Sorry for being picky!

- You MUST play more than one person, meaning side characters (I don't want to play every side character). If you cannot play side characters, then the roleplay most likely will not work since I refuse to play all, or even ask consistently for the other to play some side. It's got to work both ways!

- Grammar and spelling is decent. This is including no abbreviations as "u", "ur", etc. Also, no roleplay using the stars as in, *Walks over to the girl* Hello.
That is a no for me.

-No wimpy characters meaning they're completely useless... They can be soft and all but they need to be able to do things.

- At least one paragraph response (as depending on the situation, I can do more than a paragraph). I don't expect it to be paragraph galore all the time as I do not want that haha! Also not meaning for one to constantly send like 5+ paragraphs as I wouldn’t really have a chance to show how my character reacts and such… so no like 5+ paragraphs please since I will not go to that level as well as get irritated as my character might have no say in anything. I normally write a paragraph or more depending on the situation.

- Please be able to continue the story on as well. I can keep a story going for the most part, but if it's the same thing over and over again, and I'm the only one trying to bring up ideas, it gets hard.

-I also am a huge suck for romance. I do want there being romance in the roleplay! :)

-**NO one liners (as much as possible anyway)**

- *Romance*
- Action
- Adventure
- Horror
- Thriller
- comedy
- Dark themes

(Bold means my preferred role and or roles I love and prefer being)

- Demon x angel
-Demon x human
-Angel x Human
-Angel x Angel
-Angel x Monster
- Vampire x werewolf
-Vampire x human
-Vampire x Vampire
-Dark vampire king x human
- Werewolf x human
-Werewolf x Werewolf
-Shifter x human
- Fairy x human
- Fairy x Fairy
- Mermaid x Human
-Mermaid x Mermaid
-Ghost x Ghost
-Ghost x Human
- Human
x Monster
- Dark king x Human
- Good girl
x Bad boy
- Roommate x Roommate
- Mythical creature academy
- Medieval sort of things
- University romance.

One of my boundaries:
A Major boundary I have is NO CHEATING. Meaning a couple cheat on another person. I cannot stand it... It's not my thing at all.

I am always looking for roleplayers!

Send me a private message if interested ^.^
Hope to see some people soon!
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Akio Chikara

A Worthy Adversary
interested! its been a while since ive done a classic romance rp, I kinda miss them. You cool with doing a classic university rp? or a good girl x bad boy?


Roleplay Artist
you had me at

>Mythical creature academy

>Could literally cover multiples that are on l i s t, You looking/down? I'm perfectly down with world building/playing multichars if need be for such~

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