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Multiple Settings Looking for Modern Day RP!

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Hey! I'm pretty new to the site, but have years worth of RP experience under my belt;

I'm not bothered with the specifics - we can figure those out later, to leave room for anything you might want to include
All I ask is that it's a modern day RP, and that whoever we chose to RP, I'm able to RP a female - I'm much more comfortable with females, if a relationship is included I don't mind the gender of your character, I just can't RP males or anything other than females. I hope that's not too much trouble for anyone ^^;
It's a modern day RP, but anything could happen, from apocalypses to something magical, I don't mind, just whatever you'd be interested in. I also don't mind about what species we RP - humans, anthros, metahumans, again I'm up for almost anything

So yeah! PM (that's a thing, right?) me if you're interested, or just reply to this ^^

Professor red

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Hey. I’d be down for a 1x1. Could we discuss details in a pm. I’ll message you just like this comment and I’ll message you

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