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Fandom Looking for Miraculous Rp

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sick, depressed, two inches from kms
Hewwo, my name is Nimbus and I am 18 years old. I've been writing for around 8 years, and consider myself semi to adv lit! My post length is anywhere from 250 words to 1000.

I'm looking for a miraculous ladybug and chat noir roleplay, long term romance! id prefer to write as Marinette/ladybug but I can do Adrien/chat

they will be aged up to be 18 and in their last year of high school. The events of Love-eater and Miracle-Queen never happened, and both of the heroes still fight for Paris with Gabriel as Hawkmoth. This is all pre-reveal.

Id like the rp to push for a romance between them, as well as a soft fluff reveal sequence, where the heroes finally figure out that they're both the ones that the other is in love with.

My dms are open, but please be able to keep up with my high volume writing, so we can build a large story together<3 Ideas welcome, headcanons welcome!

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