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Sub Genres
Pokemon, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Star Wars, Super Powers


King of Transformers

Hey! My name is Sir Magic.
(Don’t quite have a nickname. Magic maybe)
I have been role playing in various places for the past few years.
I do everything from a simple life to an all out galaxy, dimension exploration. I love world building and creating ideas from scratch.

About my writing style:
I write in a third person past tense.
I aim for a paragraph at minimum.
I Am open to romance, but the story should have a plot, not just a romance pairing.
I don't do MxM--It's not that I am prejudice, I just don't want to write it as I feel uncomfortable writing it

A post once a week would be delightful. More often would be superb.
If you have a different style, great, just as long as it is interactive and not a simple:
‘John came home from work.’
‘He walked to the fridge.’
And nothing more.

One liners don’t progress the story and are boring to do. Give it some detail! Some life!

Things I am currently interested in.
Bold is craving
Jurassic Park/World
Star Wars
Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Legend Of Korra
Back To The Future
Doctor Who

Characters I want to play:
Agent Venom
Rexy (T-Rex)
Dr Venkman
Sharkticon Megatron

General ideas I am up for plotting:- Literal love triangle: Muse E Likes Muse I, Muse I likes Muse K, Muse K likes Muse E
- Multiple personality character
- Characters that don’t get along, yelling even.
- One where I can use OC’s I already have.
- One character who is actually four
-character who can give part of their power

Plots:A Skeleton of A Man
Bones. Brittle bones In everyone holding up their limbs and helping them function. A curse set upon a person to roam as a skeleton, basically immortal and able to revive other skeletons/fossils to do their bidding. A Magician who may be able to fix the curse, or make it worse.

The Death Of Heroism
Everyone believes they would be the one to save the person. Sacrifice themselves for the greater good. That isn’t true at all. Power corrupts. Especially when you’re given extraordinary gifts, it turns people into their dark selves. The self they push down deep. With the death of the hero known as Whimsmer, Chaos rains thanks to the villains.

The Beasts Within
Everyone thought the end of the world would be a plague of some sort. A nuclear holocaust too. No one expected people to tear themselves apart from the inside. When Bacterium 23 was released into the air on June 12th, 2040, the world was struck with something new. People began changing into monsters and hurting anyone around them. No one was safe. Of those that didn’t change, they live a sort of normal life. The only ones who keep the world from falling into Chaos is Venus Division; a group of people who fight to keep the monsters at bay.

The Axe in the Wall
The story of Excalibur was an excellent one. A good king earning his worth by pulling the sword from The stone. Only the myth didn’t come from Knights, but Vikings.
A battle axe stuck in the wall. Whoever could pull it would bring peace to their kingdom.

The Thread of a Magician
Everyone loves to be amazed. To see the unexpected. Muse A does just that for a living; magic. Mysticism. Wonder. They love their job, but are they truly who they say they are?

The Digital Divide
People are able to code worlds in mere seconds. Create a whole playing field with its own graphics and abilities. One company has been creating a new kind of game. One that goes past the trials of VR and places the person inside the game via beaming them in.
1. What happens when something comes out instead?
2. Do you have to beat the game to escape? Or is there something you’re missing?

Tales Of Nations
They say Nations spy on each other all the time. Working in their own ways to steal secrets for blackmailing nations. Those spies are "heroic" people, but loyal to who?
(Gadgets gizmos, all things related to spies.)

Era Of Dwo
The known world is made out of matter. Neutral matter that sometimes has a charge. When a portal opens up, two beings exit. One full of positive mass and the other full of negative mass. What is their powers? Where did they come from?

Encoded Feelings
Robots. Designed to feel nothing, be nothing. Designed to kill, or help, or provide a service for people. No one ever expected to one to gain its own will. No one ever expected someone to fall in love with one. A robot designed and coded and knowing it wouldn’t work.

Zodiac Champions
The zodiac: 12 in all. The gods, the zodiac encarnate, bestow their powers on mortals. Their powers based on the gods abilities and signs. Some are born with it while others gain the favor of their zodiac. Some fight for good others for evil. They could level entire nations if they wanted to.

1. Zodiac champions have started to go missing. When they turn up, they are powerless.
2. The Zodiac Champions are rulers of their lands. When a threat to them all arises, how will they respond?
3. After new zodiac shows up, the Champions finally made peace with them. But another one shows, leaving the champions to wonder how many are suppose to be in the Band of 12

Those Above Normal
Many consider blind, mute, or other people with disabilities as below normal standards. They truly aren't. They see things normal people don't, feel things, know things normal people don't. Instead of them being the disabled one, normal people are compared to them.

1. A mute person. They listen better than most. They have learned how to communicate. Not with people, but with animals.
2.. An amputee with no arms. Instead of normal arms, they have life force arms; arms that exist when concentrating hard. Like normal hands but better. (Or some other material.)

Cache of Magic
Magic is everywhere in the world. Many people can use it, but they are always in pairs the reason is one person is the battery and the other person the user. People are born as a user or a battery. Batteries have a large amount of magic in themselves, but are unable to use it besides small, small things. Users don’t have magic, but can harness the magic in batteries.
Muse A’s battery just died. In their sulking, they are called upon by royalty to help defend the nation.

You Times 2
There is only one you. Only one of you who knows the things you do and has the right experiences to make up who you are. In the multiverse, there are hundreds of you. One day, one of your doppelganger appears at your doorstep in need of your help.

Plots Based On Songs
Chasing Cars - everyone waits. Waits and waits for something good to happen, to fall in love. Muse J has waited over a thousand years roaming endlessly. A curse was placed upon them: they could not die or even get hurt until finding their soulmate.

Something To Believe in - everyone knows of the good and the bad in the world. The angels and the demons. The angels with their godlike powers and the demons with no powers at all. the tale isn’t as mythical as once thought. Both age old species that have been at war for no reason anyone can remember. They hide in the shadows making sure no one other than themselves know about the battle.

Main Attraction - Muse A is a performer. They love to be the center of attention. Everyone knows their name and what they do. Muse B is a nobody. They haven’t done anything significant with their life. That was until they got Muse A’s attention and became a bit of a sidekick.

Feel so close - two friends who have known each other for the longest time. They always said they would be there for each other. And now it’s true. Due to an accident, they share a body. heir other friend gets concerned once they find out about muse W
Fandom Plots

  • The transformers as we know it are different. Humans who are on different sides of a conflict. The heroic Autobots as police and the decepticons as mafia or gang members. Both sides of the war getting stalemated. The city lives on though. Something is amiss though. A rumor of a cube that can turn into any vehicle. A scientist who knows too much, both sides running to nab them to learn what mystery is being held.

    Outliers and point one percenters. Two powerful sides of bots who have extraordinary abilities. No one cared for them during the war, but it changed with the omega flow. An event that originated within Cybertron that pulsed across the universe. Suddenly these bots were even more powerful and were now taking over sections as war lords. Cities were taken over with them as rulers.

    Shattered Glass:
    The Autobots villains, decepticons Heroes. In this world, the thirteen were never allies, but enemies creating the 13 provinces of Cybertron. Each faction warring against another.

    The Titan war shook the universe. Never had such great power been known to anyone. Until they were gone. Like that in a blink of an eye. No one knew where they went, but things change when a decepticon has a desire to find these titans and conquer the universe. To bring order.

Feel free to suggest ideas! These aren’t all the ideas I have, only a few bits and pieces of them.
I can’t wait to begin plotting!
Step by step the silver steel boots marched down the echoing hallway. The spiral had made it difficult at first, but now it was welcomed. From the boots came the leggings and chain mail armor, proud defiant and just. With every step, the echo became a bit quieter, as if it began to settle down. With a louder clank, Colden placed his final foot on the beginning of the main floor. In a several stepped pace, he was well out of the spiraling staircase that had become the main entry way to his quarters. The main hall he was now in shone with the brilliance of the stars, all coming from a point in the middle of the room.

The stars would move ever so slightly as Talvinir took in her large breathes and let them out ever so slightly. She mostly laid in the sun to see her scales shimmer across the walls, but also for some warmth as well.
I never thought you would arrive, Talvinir foretold in her own mind.
Neither did I. The stairs must have collapsed.
Or maybe you are finally turning into a dragon,
Talvinir amused.

A deep rumbling through the grounds alerted the two of them. Colden instinctively reached for his sword, but halted himself. This was something different, something of a grandeur scale. Releasing his grip on the slightly sweat slick handle, which was natural for Colden, he slipped onto Talvinir’s back and launched out of the massive hall, through the front large doors, and into the open air.

Wind whipped and ripped about the pair. Even though Colden liked the feeling, Talvinir loved it even more; she would sneak out at night and fly about gaining speed then going into a headlong dive just to feel the wind in her scales.
At their steady rate, they arrived at the great hall almost instantly. Colden cautioned Talvinir to not follow, but she tried anyways, only getting a claw in when the small door wouldn’t admit a larger person than he.

Round and down Colden went into the inner sanctum. A slight shock of approval rang through him once he set eyes on the girl. Who was she? She must be a woman of talent to be in the innermost sanctum.
I like her, Talvinir snuck out the words while using Colden’s eyes to see.
The comment forced a smile to creep across Colden’s face.
“Sire,” Colden respectfully nodded his head while saying the title.

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