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Fandom looking for long-term writing partners interested in worldbuilding. (star wars)


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omgggg i just accidentally tried posting this in the actual rp section, oopsie. lets see if i can get it right this time around.

hi there!!! my name is gabrielle/gabi, i'm 21 years old and residing in the southern half of the usa (cst timezone). i'm a full-time college student who's been roleplaying for 12 years on multiple platforms. right now i'm truly interested in finding long-term writing partners who are wanting to world-build with me! i'm most interested in writing in the universe of star wars (any era is fine with me, i do prefer the prequels/clone wars era though), but i am well-versed in various media forms and am always open to discussing au's/original ideas with characters from the star wars universe. while i'm definitely down for writing shippy content and doubling up w/ crushes, romance is not a requirement for any partner. down below, you can find a writing sample of mine so you can determine if you'd be interested in writing with me. i am more than capable of writing over 1k words and i'm very communicative about our roleplays. roleplays can take place on here or i don't mind transferring them over to discord, whatever is easier for my partners!

thank you for taking the time to read this and i look forward to speaking/writing with you!

writing sample:
It'd been a formal invitation by nature, but the majority of their interactions turned informal within seconds of being in the same room. In typical Nathan Drake fashion— Lara had absolutely nothing to do with it, even with her dotting eyes and batting of her eyelashes. They got along well, it was one of the key reasons she'd invited Nate on the expedition in the first place. She also, without a doubt, trusted him; what wasn't there to trust about him? How could she not hold his opinion, his judgment, and hold it in just as high a regard as her own? Or even, dare she even think, higher? And how could she not adore him completely?

They were in Cartagena, Columbia— a place known for notorious shipwrecks heavily laden with gold, silver, and other plundered loot from Latin America. There had been rumors of a ship, the San Jose, that was estimated to have treasure worth up to fifty-billion dollars. Upon receiving the news, she knew of only one person she'd trust with the information and not flee once they obtained whatever they found from the shipwreck if they even managed to find it. But with Lara Croft, anything was possible. She'd find the ship if it was the last thing she did— she viewed any expedition as her last and this was no different, even if it was more minuscule than some of the other trips she'd taken.

They'd been in Columbia for a couple of days, trying to track down tourists who might be able to guide them to the coast where shipwrecks were most prominent. Finally having some promising leads, they were determined to make their first move. She'd rented a ship, The Beverly, for the excursion weeks prior and they'd set out for sail first thing in the morning, heading out into the Caribbean Sea. Along them were some other archaeologists Lara had recruited and in her ears, Alister Fletcher and Zip (the closest things to confidants that the brunette had). She can hear them bickering in her ear about who's the better researcher as the boat continues sailing. Her hickory hues take periodic glances at their radars, trying to spot anything abnormal— nothing's changed since they first started their journey in the sea. She does this for another 5 minutes before choosing to take a break, making her way up to the upper deck of the ship. It's there she spots Nate and she strides over.

"I assume your scuba skills are up-to-date. My life is in your hands once we're down there, you know." She teases, nudging him lightly with her right elbow. Moving her arms to cross over her chest, she twists her head as she gazes up at him. "For such an exciting mission on paper, it's sure been uneventful in person so far. I expected to be in the water by now."
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