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Multiple Settings Looking for long term urban fantasy writing/roleplay partner.

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Magical, Mystery, Super Powers


I'm very pretentious
Lately, I've been craving something a bit more urban fantasy with elements or shades of "grimdark" mainly been reading the Dresden Files and the Wolrd of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness RPG books.
they describe a world where monsters are real, hidden and living amongst us, where societies of mages exist and practiced their powers and study long lost arts, where a priests faith is real and tangible and can bind demons, where our world is the battleground for many supernatural forces and nations. This is what I've been craving and enjoying lately and I seek similar themes.

The setting
As for the setting itself, all the elements listed above, and then some, I'm not one to shy away from blending science and magic, especially in urban fantasy. death takes many forms, and a bullet is as valid a tool as any spell, mechanized threats as liable to kill as tooth and claw! supernatural don't screw about or bluntly reveal themselves cause modern firepower is enough to deal with them, that isn't to say they are underpowered or vulnerable, but certainly outmatched when the deck is stacked against them, sure it might take thousands of rounds to take down a werewolf, but it can be done, sure vampires can take stab wounds all day, but only so long, sure a mage or wizard of sufficient power and skill and turn a city block into sender and ash, but they are as squishy as any human, sure Faries can trick and deceive, and wield power over the elements themselves, but simple steel or iron knife I enough to permanently damage them, melt them, sure demons can possess and corrupt and ensnare mortals, but a good prayer is enough to ward off most.
The supernatural is real, but not overbearing, no less dangerous or powerful, but certainly not eager to rush back and take the world they once ruled in fear of total destruction by mortals.

No, the major conflicts would be supernaturals on supernaturals, Vampire houses, and clans with petty politics, werewolf tribes, and packs working to hunt and police the spirit world or muck about with themselves, mages in their lofty studies and councils enforcing rules of magic, and the courts of the Fey ever bickering and one using each other for glory or good sport. pecking orders of demons from princes and dukes to lowly imps fighting ever internally for promotion and domination of one another, and the Old Ones, and Elder Gods ever sleeping in the spaces between the stars, beneath the waves and in the cracks of reality ever waiting to wake up and plunge to the world into darkness. Elves and dragons among us, hidden as humans and taking on the guise of business tycoons and petty dictators, Old Patheon's embittered that they have lost mortal worship and are depowered. Knights and paladins of the faith work with Angels to try and keep the vestiges of reality together, the last flames and cinders of goodness ablaze in the dark.

This is a world which interests me, I kept it purposefully vague, and to whom it may concern will find interesting blanks or ability to detail out and fill, if that at all interests you, then good.

Requirements/who I am looking for

Post length:
I'm fairly flexible, I'm more on the long end of things, multi-paragraph is generally where I land.

RP Length: I tend to look longer term for this, building and fleshing out something of real interest.

The sensitivity of subject: Moderate for me, I'm a somewhat crass fellow just to be upfront, I don't really care for being PC, or handle or deal with people over picky about that sort of stuff.

Characters: Multiple, and of any kind or stripe, not terribly picky so long as their written in a compelling manner.

Romance: Muh, if it happens it happens, not exactly going from the start for it.

Worldbuilding: I like a big fat dollop of that on my RP taco, of course, done subtly.

Action: Tooth and claw, fang and talon, fight or flight, racking of slides and ejection of casings, pistol-whipping sword slicing, toe to toe, fist to fist, eye for an eye. this is what punctuates drama and scenes, it speaks to a character and volumes of who they are and how they get things done.

Themes: Horror and that of the cosmic horror variety, what is the boogymen of supernaturals? likely eldritch abominations in my opinion or outlook, so cosmic horror is something I love, political intrigue is another, backstabbing, spiraling plots, spy thrillers, never get old, standard action-adventure and doomsday type stuff is also neat, really I'm not limited by theme so suggestions welcome.

Contact: PM me or simply reply to this thread if you have any questions, suggestions, or likewise, I can offer up my own plot starters as well for this kind of setting and roleplay.

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Hmm. Interesting. I do have a werewolf character. In the canon I have, werewolves are a separate but compatable species with humanity. His parents are fully human and are merely carriers of the lycanthrope gene. They have complete control over the shift with no pain involved. No moon influence and silver isn't toxic. They can go from full human to a hybrid form. I use the image of Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers for the hybrid form. Lately, I've been thinking of amending my werewolf canon where they can also shift to a quadruped form and look indistinguishable from normal wolves, but are as large as their human selves.

Josh Nakayama, the name of my character, has been known to have nightmares about eldritch beings and their human collaborators trying to take over an unsuspecting world in addition to nightmares where humanity finds out about werewolves. He's encountered fish people who wear manufactured skin suits to appear as humans plus meeting fellow shifters like tanuki and kitsune. He has also met magic users and in some stories I've written about him, his boyfriend is a magic user who predominantly specializes in illusion magic.
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I'm very pretentious
Interesting, somewhat smilier to my take on lycanthropes if a bit different, I always liked the quadruped form, and a reasonably sized and proportioned anthro form, though like WOD I could imagine a more Garu like a strain of larger werewolves, or were-touched. regardless sorry for the somewhat late reply, work is at best, a pain.

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