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Futuristic Looking for long-term RP parter(s)!

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Binge-watching The 100
Hello there!

I've had this idea in mind, and would love to play this out with someone.

IF you're interested! Please shoot me a Private Message, or reply down below!

The idea isn't fully finished yet, sort of. But I was hoping that we could brain storm on this idea further if you like it. It is also fine by me if some romance is included, but not neccessary.

If you don't quite like the idea, then we can always plot something else together!

The idea:
I was thinking that our characters live in a future that is now heavily influenced by technology. So y'know, holograms, upgraded humans, cyborgs. It's kind of hard to explain, but I hope that you understand where I'm going to.

(Your character) ends up finding mine, Twelve, in an alleyway, as she is trying to cut out a certain device, which seems like a tracking device. (Your character) startled her at first, not knowing who they were, and was afraid they could be one of the contract killers that were hunting her down. Though, after finding out that they weren't, my character carefully explained that she was being hunted.

How will this continue further? Will they turn her in, or help her escape from them? No matter how long this would take.
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Binge-watching The 100
My character:

"I wish my story would've been different."

Credits go to: Tahoma @ Flight Rising.

Basic information
Name: 0012, Twelve.
Age: 23
Species: Human, but upgraded.

Height: 5'8 (172 CM)
Build: Slim, mechanical
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Neon-blue

Facial features
- Her face isn't made out of flesh anymore. It's been upgraded. Twelve can change faces. (So that she would have a different face each time she got a kill order. Meaning that she'd be unrecognizable.)

- Face looks inhuman. But she probably wouldn't get looked at weird, since there are a bunch of other upgraded humans walking around. Usually it are rich people however. It could also be contract killers. But they are usually always regognized by the rank mark under their eye.

Personality traits
- Doesn't enjoy harming others. Psysical or verbally.

- She is a very patient person.

- Twelve is usually a person of few words, but she would never say anything to verbally hurt anyone. She always keeps other people their feelings in mind. She is a very kind person overall.

- Protective. Twelve is far from being a violent person. She doesn't like to fight, but it someone she loves and cares about happens to be in danger; she'd do anything to protect their lives. Even if it were to cost her her own.

-She is a polite person.

-She is smart.

- Black hair in a short ponytail.

- Wearing an oversized hood over her head.

- Her body is fully mechanical.

- Has a mark under her eye that says: 0012

- Her eyes are neon-blue, and also upgraded.

Twelve wears an oversized black coat, with the hood always on to cover her face. Underneath that she wears black cargo pants, along with a pair of combat boots.

Credits go to: LeonTheLion @ Flight Rising.

My character's backstory:

Twelve is being hunted by (Name company that hired her). This company kills families and takes away their children. Sometimes also children that have no parents and live on the streets by themselves. They train them in becoming their contract killers once they hit the age of 14. They upgrade them into smarter, stronger and faster human beings so that they would be able to kill their targets without fail. They tell them that the ones they're ordered to kill are bad people, who have done bad things. Of course they do as they're told, not knowing that they are actually killing innocent people. Sometimes they even do the same thing that had happened to them, killing other families and taking away their children so that they can be trained, too. The reason as to why this company does this, is unknown.

Most of them have forgotten where they came from, and end up losing their humanity. Killing anyone they are ordered to kill, without question. However, some end up hesitating. Questioning if they are doing the right thing by killing all these people, questioning if the ones they are killing are /really/ bad people. The ones that end up hesitating, basically die. When they get upgraded, some sort of chip gets implanted into their brain. Once they start to hesitate and refuse to kill anymore, this chip will activate and take over their brain. They lose all control over their body and become unconcious of what they're doing.

Twelve was also a contract killer for this same company. However, she, like few other, began to hesitate and her brain had been taken over by the chip. But somehow she eventually had regained conciousness again. (Name company) got knowledge of this and ordered some of their contract killers to hunt her down, and kill her. Since the chip stopped working, she was of no more use.
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Binge-watching The 100

Also, I just noticed how my second post, where I put my OC's bio, appears invisible for others, so if you'd care to know more about her then let me know! I'll send you her bio through PM.

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