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Multiple Settings Looking for Long Term Roleplay (open)

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Heya, my name is Syn. I'm a gay and tired goblin who works in the social work field (she/her pronouns). I'm looking for someone fun yet mature with well-developed characters and/or unique plots. I play characters of all genders, orientations, races, body types, and abilities, and I would really appreciate it if you do as well.

What I'm Looking For
18+ (no exceptions, preferably someone 20 or older)
⸰ Third person writing style
Diverse and interesting characters that develop over time and realistic roleplay responses
⸰ Someone who has read my writing samples and can provide around the same quality, and provide writing samples if asked

⸰ Multiple paragraph roleplay responses
⸰ Communication and friendly conversation OOC
⸰ Replies at least a couple times a week
⸰ Discussing boundaries and comfort levels before starting the roleplay
⸰ Character descriptions being revealed in the roleplay (unless you have art that is specifically of your character that you would like to share)
⸰ A moving story with good, tragic, terrible, and even fluffy things
An overall good time

What I'm Not Looking For
People who are fixated on who plays the top/seme/dom or bottom/uke/sub
People who only want smut
Characters who are not fully grown adults
Nonacceptance or bigoted responses/opinions towards diverse characters who are not white, conventionally beautiful, able-bodied, and cisgender
Racial or gender-related fetisization themes such as slavery or herams
⸰ Self-insert characters, ferals and furries, real people as characters, bands, or fandoms
The romanticization of abuse, slavery, or drug usage (that's not to say that these darker elements don't take place in my roleplays--because they often do--but they are to be seen for what they are, and are not to be framed as something excusable or good)

Roleplay Example A
"Kiva, darling it is very important that you stay close to me," Alastair cooed, unable to bring himself to scold his daughter for running off when there were so many people and things to look at. She was only allowed to venture out of the estate grounds once a week, and even then her activities were limited. "Someone who was very important to these people has died, this is not a time to play." He gently reminded, fixing the bow beneath her chin.

"Sorry, Papa." She said, looking up at him with big hazel eyes that were colored exactly like her father's. Her hair was dark, nearly black and curly, pulled back by a ribbon. She was almost ten, though she looked closer to the age of five or six. She had heavy circles under her eyes, and her lips were nearly as pale as her skin.

"It's alright, sweetheart." Alastair stood up, standing nearly a head taller than most people. He cradled her tiny hand in his own, his fingers laced with fine metals. Despite his height, he was an elegant man, with sharp features and clean skin that made him stand out from most men his age.

He pushed open the door of the small conference room and into the hall, looking to the side to see an older man in blue and gold approaching Lady Eleanor several yards down the hall. He tightened his grasp on Kiva's hand at the sight and coaxed her to walk in the opposite direction.

"You walk too fast," Kiva complained.

Alastair stopped. He had intentionally been walking slower, but apparently, it wasn't slow enough for her. Was she feeling ill again? "I'm sorry." He picked her up and cradled her against his side, "You are a bit too old to be held like this." He carried her back to the sanctuary.

"I will be too old when I am too heavy," Kiva argued, and buried her fingers in his hair without thinking much of it.

Alastair smirked and clicked his tongue at her, but he didn't say anything. He respectfully moved past the altar and sat her down at one of the benches. He straightened and fixed his hair a little, his face quickly becoming serious again.

"Are you sad, Papa?" she asked.

Was he? He felt sick, maybe, and scared. The people at this funeral were capable of terrible things. Most of them looked like vultures to him, while others appeared grossly insincere. He didn't want his daughter to be around these people, he didn't want her to grow up to be one of them like he had. "I am." He touched her hair and sighed, looking around the sun-soaked room.
Roleplay Example B
“Shit, Power, you look like hell.” greeted a muscular officer sitting at his desk, positioned by double glass doors that lead into the administrative portion of the building.

“Thanks,” Rainer replied, his voice flat. He moved straight past the man and down the small aisle of desks. He stopped at his own, which was virtually empty aside from a computer, a mug with Grumpy from Snow White on it that was filled with pens, and a little battered origami crane. He stood there impatiently and waited for the system to boot up so he could clock in.

His partner prior to becoming a mentor, Hazel, came up to the other side of his desk and leaned against it. She was a strong woman, nearly as tall as he was, with short coarse hair and dark skin. She folded her arms and her lips were tight as she examined the extra heavy circles under his eyes and the frown lines that never seemed to go away. “Hey," she greeted after several seconds of being ignored.

Rainer merely grunted in acknowledgment. When she didn't follow up with a question or story, he stopped and looked across at her, apologetically. “Hey.”

Satisfied with the more reasonable reply, she tipped her chin up a little bit. “Rough night?”

“Yeah,” he answered, placing his thumb on the scanner to sign into his computer.

“Alex alright?”

“Yeah,” he exhaled, drawing away from the computer. The tips of his fingers hung off the edge of his desk.

“You nervous about meeting your newbie?” she already knew the answer, but she had to ask.

He ignored the question. To an extent, he was. He was well aware he wasn't the most welcoming person, and he didn't have the energy to pretend otherwise. He reached into his desk drawer and clipped his nametag towards the bottom of his shirt.

“You'll do fine.” Hazel tried to assure, “Mine survived, yours will too.”

“Right.” He plucked the little crane off by the point on its back and turned it over in his hand, delicately fidgeting with its head.

Hazel watched him for a few moments, wondering if he was going to come out and say what he was feeling or express a concern of his, but she was given nothing as usual. “You may be a madman, but at least you've got people's backs. People get that,” she said, reaching out and rubbing his arm.

He groaned, rolling his head back, “I'm too old for this.”

“You're not even thirty.” Hazel smacked his back a few times and let her hand drop. She looked off to the side, watching as Risa disappeared to use the locker rooms. “Look."

Rainer's dull brown eyes moved across the room to look at the small looking blonde heading into the locker rooms. His first thought was that she didn't belong here. She was probably capable of doing the job with the right training, but he would never wish this job on anyone who had better options available to them. Maybe it would be the right thing to scare the badge right off of her.

“Go on.” Hazel nudged him along.

Rainer set the crane back into place, and he fixed it so it was sitting just right against the cup. He walked across the room and stopped by the threshold of the locker rooms. He leaned up against the wall and waited for her, mentally rehearsing how he wanted to greet her.

I am into so many different things. I usually like roleplays to be character based so I'm not going to list everything under the sun, but if you have a plot, character or an AU you'd like to start with let me know. I'm totally down for things like doubling, poly relationships, no romance, some romance, and having several characters in one story. I'm super flexible.
Primarily I do fantasy, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic settings.
I hope that you will approach me with some ideas or concepts that you would like to see in our roleplay. I'm a character making and plot developing beast, but I don't want to be the one doing all of the work. Please don't message me and just send me a link to your rp search thread.
Although... I will help you out a bit. Here are some ideas I've been wanting to use, they're just the first things that come to mind. I am totally open to other ideas as well.

Current Cravings

High fantasy
m o n s t e r s
Something gay
Dystopian/post-apocalyptic fantasy/scifi
A mature slow burn modern fantasy

Anything with one of these characters

Talk to Me
I think that covers everything. Please PM me if you're interested! Please be sure to introduce yourself and state what you're interested in.

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Cool! Sorry, fell asleep.
I was thinking dystopian with some form of monsters and possibly romance. Romance is optional.

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