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Multiple Settings Looking for long-term partner~

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The fluffy Alpaca
Hi there!^^

I'm Alpaca, a 19-year-old female from Luxembourg (tiny country in between France and Germany), but you can call me Leonie. I have been RPing on and off for about six years now, and am looking for some more people to write with.

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  • I write in third person past tense only.

    My replies tend to vary in length depending on the scene and my motivation, I however always try to match my partner. At the very least I write two paragraphs, can go up to ten or even more though.

    I have a preference for writing male characters, but if we're doubling/tripling/quadrupling/etc. up, I will write as any gender.

    I love plotting and coming up with scenarios our characters could find themselves in. Mentioning this, you will also find me fangirling about our characters a lot, making playlists, moodboards... would love for my partner to be like this too, but the fangirling/boying is obviously not a must ^^

    Detailed Character Sheets are things I spend HOURS on, with details from their favorite color all up to some theme songs. I love fleshing out my characters, and I'm a big sucker for some really good character development. That being said, my main OCs always tend to have some sort of dark past (be it abuse, emotional neglect, mental health issues, etc.) they need help recovering from (;

    I enjoy drama, angst and torture! Love breaking my characters down and making them feel some real pain (if it fits the narrative of our plot obviously). I'm also a sucker for some sweet domestic fluff and cute love moments!

    I do mxm, fxf and mxf. Basically any sexuality and gender! My fellow gays, you're welcome here♡

    Other than that, I love OOC chat and would love to get to know/befriend my rp partners! So talking about anything, be it your pets or interests or whatever is much appreciated ^^ Memes are obviously always welcome too.

    I can provide a writing sample if you want, just ask me!

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