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Multiple Settings Looking for long-term, low-expectation partner(s).


Penthouse Pauper
Hey, hey, don't click away yet! ....If you're the kind of person I'm looking for, that's most likely what you would've done if I hadn't said otherwise.

Do I have your attention? No? Uh... I do tricks. No? Okay.

My point is... I'm lonely, bored, and lazy, and I want people to RP with. My posts usually aren't even a paragraph long, although there are exceptions. (Intro scenes, fights, etc.)

I'm a man, but I can be either male or female, depending on what's needed/wanted.

I enjoy aspects of romance (Not a plot based around it) and (being LGBT myself) am perfectly okay with LGBT characters.

I'm willing to RP on here, or discord. If anyone's interested, either shoot me a message on here, or my discord - @Purepanic#1064

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