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Multiple Settings Looking for Long Term FxM/FxF/MxM roleplay

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A warrior in disguise
Hey guys! I'm DarkRabbit. I have returned after a little while!!

I'm a 23 year old female from Canada. Currently, I am an LPN student (learner practical nurse). I have three semesters per year. Second year started at the end of August!! There could be the odd day I might not reply due to being busy. However, I do always try and reply when I can. I want to get replies in daily/several times a day, but it will depend on my work load.

I've been roleplaying for 10+ years. I tend to write in third person, present tense. It doesn't matter to me which tense you write in though! I know some people care about that, so I rather let you know ahead of time what I do! Moving forward, my replies vary on what I'm given. Now, I do ask that you are able to use detail. That means more than a paragraph. You don't need to write 5+ paragraphs every time since characters do need time to reply. I just can't stand one liners or one tiny paragraph. I need more to work with as I will do the same for you. If you are getting stuck on a reply, please pm me and let me know and we can think of something.

My main character is female! I will NOT do a main male role (there is an exception for possible mxm further below). I cannot play main male roles. I don't know why, but I get anxious and tense when I try to. Side characters I totally can do without an issue, just not mains. Speaking of side characters, I do expect my partners to play side characters without me asking as I'll do the same. No, do not control my main as I don't with you, but play random side characters to help keep the story going. With that being said, I'm do not want to double up at this time either, so I apologize about that. I do also ask that you can keep a story going too. I don't like being the one to always keep a story going. Again if you're stuck, talk to me!

I normally just look for M x F roleplays, but I am willing to try F x F if people prefer that. I am willing to also possibly try M x M. However, my male will be very submissive!!! I'm a straight women so it would be new for me to make my main character lesbian. Not opposed to it though!

Apologies that I also don't do fandoms (expect Naruto which I have a plot idea which will be explained later). I love making my characters! If I do some sort of fandom, I would ask that I can make my own character!

I do not do any form of relationship cheating. That is something I cannot stand so I ask that it's not in the story. I am a huge romance person and it's needed in each story. Just no cheating please - so main characters are to be together!

Please do not take control of my main character. If it's something like you pushed them out of harm's way, that's perfectly fine. I'm meaning like getting them to speak and such.

Please have decent spelling and grammar. No abbreviations like, "u."

Be able to communicate! If you're struggling, please let me know!

Be active too please! I try and get on every day! I love roleplaying so much. I totally understand if you can't reply everyday, but just please no ghosting :( I will try so hard not to do that too!

Romance (is a must)

Dark Themes
Romance (MUST)


(Bolded is preferred role and ** is most craved)
Vampire x human ***********
Dark Vampire King x Human *****
Normal girl x gang/mafia leader *************
Troubled girl x well put together person *****
Good girl x bad boy/girl
Demon x Human *********
Human x Werewolf
Mythical Academy
Some form of medieval roleplay
Modern day roleplay (fantasy or non fantasy based if need be!)
Prince x Herbalist

I am always willing to hear other pairings!

Below are plots I have. They're rough so we can expand on them together! They can be F x F. Easily changeable.

Two people from the normal world end up being sucked in through some form of vortex. They are brought onto the Naruto universe! Now, they can know of Naruto or not know of Naruto... Anyway, it's real and there actually is not anyway for them to return back to the human world. In this world, they are going to be targeted by different shinobi, including the Akatsuki. I figured that our characters are actually quite dangerous. They are the light and the dark of the world if it makes sense. When together, they are extremely powerful and can cause a shit ton of damage... Like more then the tailed demons.

This can be altered. One person could be on the world and have been for years. The other person could just arrive to the Naruto universe (which I would ask if it's ok if my character could as I have an idea for her - it's ok if not). These characters would be able to sense each other and feel something is different around them, but they wouldn't figure it out right away.

My character will be my OWN character. I can play cannons but my main will be OC

An Unusual Pairing

A new young male has entered college. All the girls fantasize all over him. He is very good looking, known to be the "bad boy," has extremely high grades, rich, and that is what the girls love about him. They all want to be with him, except for one. A college girl notices him, but she isn't fantasizing over him. She isn't trying to anything along those lines. She is focused with her school as her grades aren't the greatest. She works after schools in a cafe to make some form of money for her bills... she just isn't like the others. Although, she always has a smile on her face. People don't see the other side. The side of her sorrow and suffering. She gives, yet doesn't seem to receive anything but people picking on her and so forth.... but she acts strong.

The new male takes note of the girl and starts to grow more interested in her. He falls in love for her and desperately wants to protect her. He wants to make other know that she is his.

The male can either be human, or secretly some sort of supernatural being in disguise like a vampire, demon, or werewolf!

A Dark Secret

Muse A and B have been dating for about a two months now. Both are really interested in one another. Muse A (my character) is a nervous girl who can get flustered a little easy. She is well known in the college and has several friends. She is an A+ student so she does take her schooling seriously.

Muse B is also well known. He doesn't care about school as much, but he passes it like it's nothing. He doesn't need to study or anything. It's like he has a photographic memory, which is something most people would be jealous over.

The only reason Muse A and Muse B met was because they both work together in a restaurant/bar. Both are waiter/waitresses and have worked together for months before they started dating. She actually asked him out, which he gladly accepted.

Now, there is a dark secret about Muse B (your character). He is a stalker for Muse A. He is obsessed with her. No one is allowed to harm her in any way or he will beat the absolute crap out of them, break their bones, or even kill them if it's severe enough. All of this happens without Muse A even knowing. It's when she is away from the area and or at home.

My vampires are a little different from other people. Here is the types I have.

Newborn: A newborn vampire has three days to drink five large animals dry or three humans. If they do not succeed, they will either die or go insane. Once the go insane, there is no coming back. They will be known as feral creatures. These vampires need to be killed as soon as they go insane or they will cause mass destruction. Thankfully, they only come out at night. Their weaknesses are sunlight, silver and copper, wooden stake, holy water, a plant called Mialka (totally made up).

Normal vampire: After a newborn has succeeded in drinking the animals or humans, they are considered normal vampires. They can feed on any sort of blood. However, if they survive strictly on animals, they aren't as strong as others. Their weaknesses are silver, holy water, Mialka, wooden stake, and sunlight.

Noble vampires: Noble vampires are born from on of two ways. A pureblood and normal vampire mate or a normal vampire drinks the blood from a pureblood vampire. They are rare, but not as rare as the two other kinds. Their weaknesses are holy water, wooden stake (only if it hits the heart), sunlight (they don't burn but they start growing much weaker), and silver.

Purebloods: These vampires are the second strongest vampire out there. They are well respected by other vampires. However, they are still below one ranking which they greatly respect. They have a soulbound item that is given at birth from a royal vampire. That makes them able to walk in the sun with no harm. Their weaknesses are holy water, silver, and a wooden stake (multiple - not just one can kill it).

Royal Purebloods: The highest ranking of vampires. All vampires will know if a pureblood is near and instantly will tense up out of fear. The normal purebloods know better than to attack them as well. They are also respected by the vampires, but that doesn't mean they still don't fear of the royals. They are immune to sunlight. They don't need to have a soulbound item like a pureblood. Their weaknesses are holy water and silver.

I am always up to hearing other pairings or plots! Please send me a pm if you are interested in doing a roleplay! :)
We can discuss more in a pm!

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Moonlight's Refuge
Just doubling down on this, are you still searching for someone to write a vampiric character for you? Within the guidelines listed of course.


One Thousand Club
Just asking because I’m really interested in rping with you:
Do you have any age restrictions on your rp partners?


A warrior in disguise
Just doubling down on this, are you still searching for someone to write a vampiric character for you? Within the guidelines listed of course.
Hey! I am always looking for people to roleplay with!! I would love to do a vampiric roleplay with you.


A warrior in disguise
Just asking because I’m really interested in rping with you:
Do you have any age restrictions on your rp partners?
I typically rather have 18+ When roleplaying with people. However, I can roleplay with younger (depending how young) depending on writing style. Please send me a pm and I’m sure we can figure something out.

Knight boi

I’m interested in a vampire x human rp with dark fantasy elements in it we can discuss more in pm’s though I’m currently just at the moment.


"May the odds be forever in your favor."
How do you feel about a world war 2 role-play? It could be either Solider X Nurse which was your job so idk how you would like that lol. Or we could always do Jewish girl X Solider or another Jewish person but I get it if you rather not do that pairing. Another pairing is that your lady joins WASP so we could do Pliot X Pliot.


A warrior in disguise
Hey sorry for the delay!!

I’ve never done a World War Two romance before but I am more than willing to give it a shot. Do you have a preference for me to play the nurse or Jewish girl?

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