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Realistic or Modern looking for k-pop roleplays (oc/oc)


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hi everyone! my name is shadow (she/they) and i'm opening up a new search to look for some roleplay partners. i was recently quite busy but my schedule cleared and i decided now would be a good time to do some rping. this is a very specific search. i've been listening to k-pop for around six years now and i'm currently craving roleplays surrounding the theme of k-pop. i'm not really looking for other pairings or plots at the moment, sorry! however, if you think you might be interested in roleplaying together, keep reading!

about me
i am 18+ years old (early 20s) and have been roleplaying for around 10 years. i don't really have a reply schedule because i do get busy a lot, but i generally try for once or twice a week. if i'm particularly free and/or feeling really inspired to write, i might even reply everyday. the length of my replies can range from one paragraph to nine or ten, but i generally value quality over quantity. that being said, i will usually try to write about as much as my partner does. i'm comfortable playing both male and female characters; eight times out of ten i'll probably choose to write a male character if given the choice, but i enjoy roleplaying women just as much, my inspiration for them just comes less often. romance in a roleplay is pretty much a requirement for me, and i'm open to all pairings (m/f, f/f, and m/m). if we are doing m/f i would prefer to play the male role. i know it's not very flexible, but i've been roleplaying for a long time and have figured out what i enjoy most so i try to stick to that. i would prefer to roleplay on-site, in private messages, and i'd like to keep out of character conversation there, too. speaking of ooc talk, it's pretty important to me. of course i will never force my partners to talk if they don't want to, but i do like to become friends and find that it helps the health of a roleplay. lastly, i'm ghost/ditch friendly. it's of course a little disappointing, but i understand how it can happen, so don't worry if it does!

about you
i don't have many requirements for partners, but there are a few things that are important to me for potential partners that i wanted to mention. most importantly, i prefer my partners to be 18+. i'm just not comfortable roleplaying with minors, sorry! i don't really care how much or how little you write and prefer that you write what you feel comfortable writing. as long as you give me something to work with (preferably no one-liners please!) then we should be all good. lastly, like i said above, i enjoy ooc talk with my partners. if you're not super into it or just busy i can understand that and i won't turn anyone away because of it, but at the very least we need to communicate and share our ideas. partners who just respond with "ok" and "sure" when i'm trying to plan really kill my inspiration. it's our roleplay, we both need to make an effort! also, if you read all this and are going to message me, please tell me your favourite k-pop group! it just shows that you've read all my expectations/requirements. lastly, being 100% honest, i only have time to start two, maybe three, new roleplays, so i'm going to pick the people that i feel i gel best with. if you message me and either i've already found enough partners or i don't think we'd make good partners, i will straight up let you know.

― muse a and muse b used to be friends as trainees and had innocent teenage crushes on each other, but before anything could come of it circumstances made them fall out of touch with each other. years later they have both debuted as idols, and a chance encounter leads them to meet again.
― idols in the same group falling for each other (would be interesting as f/f or m/m, but i'm open to m/f for this too)
― idol x someone who works for them (stylist, make-up artist, producer, etc)
― idol x student (university or college)

that's all i have to say for now. please private message me if you're interested, comments left here will be deleted.
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