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Looking for Interest on a Kingdom Hearts Game

Dice System


all air and no brains.
Deciding to scour the internet for some neat TTRPG systems after I discovered that FFd20 existed,
I stumble upon this little thing. Now, I wanna share it to people that could probably be interested in it!
A Kingdom Hearts TTRPG!
I just discovered this on a forum thread that was on KH Insider.
After taking some looks on it, I wanted to play a campaign with some people! The only thing was that I am very much a bad GM, but I'm a good player!
So, I have now made this thread to hopefully attract attention to this KH TTRPG thing in hopes that someone could probably try to start a campaign with me!

I'll link the folder for the core stuff of this system here!
It includes a character sheet, some enemy entries, and the base thing itself.
Hopefully I'll meet people!



all air and no brains.
Ooo! I like the sound of this! I'm not sure about GMing, but I'd gladly play if someone stepped up!
Actually, I was planning on probably GM'ing this. However, I'd like to have a group first before I plan anything too large. I'll try to run a test session just to get familiar with it.

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