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Fandom Looking for HP (Drarry) long-term RP partner!

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Hey there! Looking for a 1x1 partner that would be interested in a long-term, multi-para or novella style (please be literate while writing), 3rd person style roleplay. You must be 18+ please, because roleplaying with minors is against my own personal rules (sorry!).

This is intended to be a drarry roleplay. I would like to play Draco, and would love to write alongside your version of Harry! Also! Trans headcanons are welcome, if that's a detail about your Harry that you would like to include. Other headcanons are welcome as well, since many fandom-goers like to think of him as (for example) having Indian heritage on his father's side or other such things! Tell me about your Harry, and I'll tell you about my Draco. Let's have fun!

Down below the break is the rp idea that I have! Please go ahead and read. Anyway, please message me if you are interested! I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can, and I can provide a starter once we discuss possible plot together. Thanks!


So! Everything is pretty much the same in the HP world except between the date of your 18th and 19th birthday, you form a soulmark somewhere on your skin in reference to your soulmate. This person can be a romantic partner (this is how the soul-marks work most of the time, it's the most common) or they can also represent a platonic soulmate. Basically this person best compliments you, and you're a perfect match! Everyone in the wizarding world looks forward to their 18th birthday for this reason, because once they receive their soulmark then they can find their soulmate! It's a classic "happily-ever-after" story that every witch and wizard awaits eagerly.

Now here's the catch. Harry, after the war and Draco's pretty awkward Wizengamot trial, goes back to Hogwarts for that good old cliche 8th year experience with his friends. Ron and Hermione already have their soulmarks and so does Seamus who won't shut up about it, but... Harry doesn't. Harry is pretty sure he's never gonna get one, thanks to his history of embodying a horcrux for most of his life, courtesy of Voldemort. His 18th birthday has already passed, and he's gotten nothing. No soulmark at all. And to make things even better, Ginny's newly formed soulmark points to a pretty slytherin girl while he's rocking the single-wont-mingle club.

Here's where Draco comes in. He has his soulmark already (got it three days before his trial), and is doing a pretty great job at hiding it from anyone and everyone. He knows exactly who it represents and he has some pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing. Of course it would be just his luck that, out of all people, Harry "Savior of the Wizarding World" Potter is his soulmate. But Draco is intent on finishing his schooling in peace and is desperately trying to keep his head down and himself out of trouble-- understanding that a lot of students and family aren't happy that an ex-Death Eater is attending Hogwarts. And he's too proud and too stubborn to back down from finishing his exams, no matter what anyone says.

This is where you come in as Harry! How does Harry react to finding out all of the 8th years will be sharing a house together? What does he do if he finds out Draco has a soulmark, but no one can figure out who it represents? How does Harry react to not having one himself? Or DOES he receive one eventually? Does he receive Draco's? Do these two actually sort out some feelings, put the past behind themselves and become friends? Do they become something more?

Message me, and we can find out! I'd be happy to discuss details with you.


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Hiya, I know I´m kinda late to this! It seems I can´t send a private message yet, but I was wondering if you´re still looking for an rp partner

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