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Looking For Game

Connor N.

DND player of 5 years
Hey there! I am looking for a DND 5e or 3.5e game to play in, preferably on days from Friday-Sunday. I live in CST time, so I apologize for anyone who would like to take me under but lives in GMT time. I would like to do something on Roll20, if that does not cause any issue.

I should note that, on Fridays, I am at school - but that is when I am at my least occupied after school, which is about 4 PM. As for Saturday and Sunday, anything after 11 or 12 AM should be fine.


The Red One
Hello there! If you're still searching for a game to join, I have a suggestion. How about we begin a game, and see who else joins on the way? I like this kind of games, and as long as we keep the combat system simple enough, I'd be glad to start a game with you.

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