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Multiple Settings Looking for fun peeps


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
Hey guys its eeveefarmer 87 here and I haven't had a new RP in awhile so iwas wondering if ya'll wanted to join me in fun and glory and HONOR!!!
Hehe sorry about that I have Zuko problems XD anyway I love RP'ing (Kinda obvious I suppose) and I love all of the things listed below. I generally do third person and non-canon characters but I have an open mind.
Im kinda scatter brained and my grammar can kinda bat at times but otherwise IM OPEN. Im open too romance but nothing to intimate and I personally am not comfortable doing a MxM or FxF I DONT FIND IT WRONG but I personally don't like doing it. Sorry for the long intro but here I am I hope we can have fun on our future endeavors!!
My list of fandoms is as follows:
Gravity falls (my very favorite!!!!)
Star vs. the Forces of Evil
My hero academia first season
Young Justice
Pokémon (duh)
League of Legends
Avatar the last airbender
Harry potter (though less than the others)
and probably more I cant think of right now lol
weird niches I like:
Anyway I hope we can have lots of fun!!!!
feel free to message me anytime you want to rp.
P.S I keep it PG
P.P.S my schedule is CRAZY so I will post VERY sporadically
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Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
oh and btw im up for more than one partner XD I know somepeople ignore others after they get one but im up for any more peeps who are interested


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
YAY the more the merrier message me when you want to start. sorry I couldn't get back last night I was in bed.

Rusty Kerman

Idiot on the moon.
Hello! Im interested! Would you mind if I pm you an idea for a setting you probably would be interested in?
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