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Fandom Looking for Fate Series RP Partner

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Hello! I'm new to this website and this this is my first search for a partner. I'm looking for partner who would like to do an rp for the Fate series.

What I'm looking for in a partner: Someone who is Semi Literate to Literate, is okay with playing with OCs, open to romance but not required, not looking for nsfw rp but I'm okay with mature/darker themes (considering this is Fate),
About myself: I'm literate but mostly mirror my partner, I'm in college and enjoy doing other things aside from rp so I won't respond asap, I rp on discord so we can talk about some things in PM then move there, mostly rp with OCs but I have some canon characters I can rp, open to oc x oc and oc x canon, for romance I do mxf and fxf, I can rp multiple characters. I don't want nsfw rp, this includes fetishes, just nothing too weird. Ask questions if curious.

I don't have any plots in mind so we can work on one together depending on our characters. I've got a few mage characters and some servants OCs. Ask about the canon servants I can play in PM.
Fate media I've seen:
Grand Order (in Babylonia)
Stay Night (UBW)
I've started a little bit of Extra
Plan on reading Redline

If interested PM me, if you have any question feel free to ask because I feel I forgot some stuff. Thank you for reading!!

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