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Fantasy Looking for Fantasy 1x1


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Looking for a fantasy 1x1. I don't currently have an idea down but I can present one in a PM. Fantasy/Romance/Action. I don't care about power levels at all or species and whatnot. All I care about is having a paragraph per post and a good sense of story telling.


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A large figure appears before you , at first you were intimidated but Slowly the more you saw this figure come slowly toward you feel less scared because it was revealed to be an old person who looks like they seen better days."Hello there! I am zendarf the smart." you ask what does he want with you , he replies".Well you look pretty powerful for a (insert class here) , so I would be wondering if you would like to help me for something,"You then ask what does he need help with things."Well I need to collect some parts for my inventions, as you may see i'm an engineer basically a person who is good at building and such. But i'm not exactly ...well to put it in a better way , battling is not my cup of tea."Then you ask what do you get in return , he the says"I kno it sounds shady, but I promise I'll make all sorts of things you would need , but I must say this now, don't ask for something illegal or something that is impossible." Then you said in return

(yes or no?)

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