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Fandom looking for fandom plots! (craving aot, doubling friendly!)

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Magic Eight Ball
Hey there! This is my first time making a plotting thread on this website but I've had a lot of down time so I thought I would give it a shot!!

A little bit about me:
~I'm 20+ years old and go by she/her pronouns
~I prefer to rp with people who are 18+! It's just a personal preference!
~I've been rping for around 10 years now and tend to write a lot, usually 1000+ words! I don't expect you to match that, that's just how much I usually write to get my thoughts out!
~I looove chatting OOC, please feel free to message me or just chat at any time, I'm always down to make more friends!
~I really am only looking for fandom rps at this time and I'm more than willing to double up on characters, I love love doubling and putting just as much effort into the character you ask me to play for you as I put into my own OC!
~I prefer to do OCxCanons for doubling, but I am okay with canonxcanon and ocxoc as well!! I'm very flexible if there is something you would really like to do!
~I do any sort of pairing! I am comfortable with MxF, MxM, FxF, and any other variation of gendered pairings! This is a LGBTQ+ friendly zone!
~I love to do romance with a good mix of angst and fluff! I'm really not picky when it comes to plot and I love to plot with my partner!
~AU's are always a yes!!!
~The only time I really have to respond is at work, so I will be able to get up weekly replies most of the time, sometimes daily! I try not to take too long but I am a student and life really gets in the way sometimes, so all I ask is that you are patient! :D I will try my hardest not to ghost without some sort of warning, though I am ghost friendly on your part!

What I ask of you:

~All I really ask is to be friendly! I am never looking for super fast replies and I just want us both to enjoy the rp, so I'll try to match your posting speed to the best of my ability!

Okay, so here are the fandoms I am currently interested in rping!!
(The more *'s the more interest!)

~Attack on Titan ******* (really looking for a Reiner, can play anyone for you!!)
~Fire Emblem (any, craving awakening!)**
~Detroit Become Human**
~Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (parts 1-7)****
~Fullmetal Alchemist
~K project*
~Fruits Basket
~Psycho Pass*

I might add more later!!

Feel free to shoot my a pm on here if you are interested in any!! Thank you so much for reading!
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