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Multiple Settings Looking for engaging and committed RP partners who are just as obsessed as I am!

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Hello! I am currently, and usually always, looking for partners to fill my insatiable need to RP. It's my main venting source, and the thing I look forward to every day.

A little about me, and what you can expect:

Warning, I am a very fast typer, and generally just as fast of a thinker. If we have four characters, I can generally have a full, detailed paragraph for each character (so total of four paragraphs) done in about 10-15 minutes..without quality of the post suffering (though I may catch some things I didn't before and edit it a couple minutes after)

I generally RP daily if I am able, except on the off chance that I go out, though it's at night, because I work all day, and I'm generally around on my days off too, because it truly is my favorite thing to do.

I generally have a lot of very dark themes in the back stories of my characters which will reflect on the characters in their current time, and I have to have romance in my RPs.

I can do just about anything, but my preferences are modern day,either with powers or magic, or without.. though without is usually my favorite, because it really helps with keeping things from being -too- easy.

What I am looking for in a partner:

Someone who understands people and feelings, who cares about the psychology of a character, and can not only handle the darker themes, but cry with me with the angst.. smile with the sweet moments, and laugh when things get funny.. I want real, 3-dimensional characters to play with... I put my heart and soul into every character.. and I want you to love your characters and mine just as much as I do..

Someone who says Hello and goodbye at the beginning and end.. I really hate it when you've been playing with someone, and they just leave, with no word of separation or anything.. because I will literally sit there and stare.. and wait, and be afraid to do anything else in case I miss it. I legitimately feel guilty if I make you wait for a response from me.. without me having a reason ahead of time...because I assume you are expecting one.

Someone who wants to play often.. not just like one post a night though. I try to be patient.. but if I wait 3 hours for something that is the same length as something that took me ten minutes... then I will be dissapointed.. but too afraid to offend you and say as such.

Grammar is fairly important. We all make mistakes, but at least make an effort.

An finally, someone who will really really have fun with this and who wants long term! I get very attached to the stories... and I want someone who is just as attached.

I hope this isn't too much to ask for, and I promise, I sound far less like I have a stick up my butt when we actually talk.. I was just trying to be as concise as possible.

I look forward to hearing from any of you!!

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