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Summertime Sadness
Hey everyone this is my first search thread in a long time. I prefer to go by S before I get to know someone close!

I’m 20 years old so I prefer to write with 18+ for my comfort.

I write extremely literate. All the right punctuation, spelling, know my their/there etc. I would like to write with someone similar. Of course mistakes happen so no fret over that! I will slip up too.

I only do Male roles but if need be I’ll write female side characters.
Furry characters and all types of species characters are a-okay with me! This doesn’t have to just be a human thing. I also have multiple non human characters I use. If you don’t like non-human characters this probably is not the thread for you </3

Romance is okay with me but I find it boring if that’s the only plot line. Any pairings/genders are fine with me as well. Below are some plot ideas I found and would love to elaborate on with someone. I take no credit for the images.


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