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Realistic or Modern looking for CONNECTIONS? || ACCEPTING

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life


i have a lot of oc's
he here.png.png

hi there! please read through all of the guidelines. i'm hoping to accept one to three people right now, so if you're interested then feel free to hop into the discord. i'm definitely open to accepting more people, but i need to make sure that i keep my numbers even c:

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hi guys!! <3 The Five Steps is light-hearted and slice of life RP, because i think everyone is pretty stressed now-a-days and i wanted to do something fun! it's been a pretty long time since i ran a slice of life, light-hearted roleply (i usually make mystery and more serious roleplays), but i thought i'd give it a shot!

anyway, some quick info: my names Sammy, i’m the GM, hello. there’s a Discord server (which is linked above) for all OOC talk and for some character interactions. there are multiple characters in the characters thread, so people can see what i'm looking for in a character. the roleplay has already started, but we're still super early into it, so feel free to join!! there's still ample time for characters to meet each other and to meet everyone involved in the roleplay. i drew the logo for this roleplay and i designed the wonderful robot mascot, Telltale! i think it adds something fun to the RP haha

INSPIRATION: too hot to handle and 100 humans, kind of. also kiznaiver and sarazanmai, a little. my desire and want for a fun group RP.
GENRES: slice of life, romance, platonic, minor mystery about who your characters partner is, very small sci-fi elements (namely a robot and bracelets)

((MAJOR props to my wonderful friend ParasolCrafter ParasolCrafter for helping me when I was spiraling out of control and losing my mind over this roleplay ✌ shes going to help me out with some other stuff, but shes not going to actively be involved in the roleplay!))
((also thanks to Kidzait Kidzait for urging me to post this rp YESTERDAY but i had to post it today because yesterday i was exhausted bc i put so much work into this dumb thing, BUT here it is! also, this is just to tag you, btw. hello.))
((and another soft tag for Galactic Galactic , my dear.))

thanks for checking out my RP! c:​
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ᴡɪꜱᴇ ᴍᴇɴ ꜱᴀʏ ᴏɴʟʏ ғᴏᴏʟꜱ ʀᴜꜱʜ ɪɴ
I could totally do with something light-hearted. It'd be a nice, refreshing break from all the heavier stuff I've been poking around in. Interested!


i have a lot of oc's
Lizy Lizy and Chione Chione thanks for your interest!! <3

also Galactic Galactic Kidzait Kidzait Zufaix Zufaix Hekaton Hekaton and Letai Letai

i couldn't sleep last night so i made the discord server B))) if you guys want to hop in and come say hi and check it out then that'd be hella cool! i do have stuff you guys can already do in the server until i get the sheets up (like talking to telltale!), but the sheets should be up by today for sure.
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i have a lot of oc's
i'm super excited to see peoples characters, so here's the character thread!! remember to send me your character in a PM before you post it onto the thread tho!! don't want any spoilers out there in the open :0

(the thread is also linked in the first post!)


a cacophony of awe and joy and terror.
super crazy interested in this. Let me know if you post any more information
Like a discord or character sheets or a questionnaire or accept me already into the rp already.

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