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Multiple Settings Looking for Beginner or Semi-Literate RPers.


Magic Eight Ball
I'm new to this community and I'm really liking what I see so far. The people are friendly and there's some really interesting stuff in the forums. It's a MUCH better environment than the Amino RP groups I'm used to.

I'm really excited to start all sorts of RPs... The problem is I have terrible anxiety issues that preventing me from going out there and doing the damn thing. I'm not very confident with my skills, and that prevents me from asking for RPs or replying to other people's RP advertisements. >>'

I think the best way to fix that would be to practice a bit and boost my self-esteem.

I'm looking for beginner or semi-literate RPers. Can have responses from anywhere between a few lines, to 1-4 small-ish paragraphs. Grammar or spelling isn't a big issue, as long as I can get what you're writing. I prefer an urban fantasy setting (a modern setting with fantasy stuff in it), but that's up for discussion.
I'm pretty open to most genres. I like slice of life, high school, Sci-Fi, and fantasy the most. My only real no-go zones are things to do with mental health (anxiety, depression) as those are very personal topics. I'm also not a big fan of hard violence or gore, either. The characters I RP with are all OCs (all of them are male).

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please message me if you are interested.

Random Citizen 105

Here is a custom title
I am new to this particular site and I tend to stick to canon characters because I'm not comfortable with ocs (I dont have any). So if your willing to deal with someone with little experience with world building maybe we can build something together.
I am not here to judge as long as you return the favor.


The Eater of Worlds
Hey, I'd love to play a game with you. I like to world build and character build my ocs in my spare time. I won't judge your characters or you. Some of my characters can be a little sassy, but I really am not. I tend to do 1 to 2 paragraphs a post for several posts a day (depending on if my rp partner is online at the same time as me.) I also play in live games, like DnD, Shadowrun, Numinera, etc. Do you play by forum or by pms? Shoot me a message and we can hash out an idea for a game!

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