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Multiple Settings Looking for any long term rp partners!

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Hello! My name is Jade and I love to rp and draw. I’ve been rping for 6 or 7 years and I would love to make some rp buddies on this site.

Some rules for rping;

Please don’t do any one-liners, I don’t expect you to write hundreds of paragraphs but at least do four or five sentences.

I don’t mind if your Grammer isn’t good but please make sure what you’re saying makes sense.

I don’t mind swear words or gorey stuff but I will not do any nsfw stuff.

Pretty much it.

I mainly rp with original characters. I do not rp fandoms because I suck at rping canon characters. I don’t do romance since my character is too young to do romantic stuff. We can always come up with a plot.
My rp character so far is a ten year old robot that looks like a human.

If you’re interested, go to my pms!
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Most definitely! Been trying to figure out how to message and add threads. Lol. Far cry from my paper and pen or google docs.

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