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Multiple Settings Looking for any long term rp partners!

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Hello! My name is Jade and I love to rp and draw. I’ve been rping for 7 sevens now. I’m obsessed with robots and my favorite fandom to rp is Warriors! I’ll mostly prefer to rp original characters since there are a lot more opportunities, but that doesn’t mean I won’t turn down a chance to rp some Warriors stuff. Here Is some stuff that I like when rping. I like rping with a ten year old robot.

•I usually write depending on how much context you give me. Usually I write 1-3 paragraphs but sometimes I will write more depending on the context you give. I’m fine if you can’t write so many paragraphs, but please don’t make them so extra short!

•Please let me know if you don’t like the direction our rp is going. We can come up with something that will please both of us.

•If you are not interested in the rp or will be too busy to reply, please try to tell me about it so I don’t have to worry where you went

•I’m a huge sucker for sci-fi since it includes robots. But I’m fine with other genres to rp with. I’m okay with rping romance with my Warriors character, but not with my other characters.


Stuff I’m carving to rp:
•Sci-fi world (especially with robots)
•Warriors cats

If any of these interest you, let me know by sending me a pm!
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