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Well excuse me, princess
Hello darlings, it’s currently 4 am for me and I’m starting another search thread for an Rp partner! I might not be able to respond right away (seeing as I should really be going to sleep) but I’ll happily respond ASAP to any answers! Anything o lets get somethings out of the way. And please do read what I have to say. I’m very aware that some of you little turds are only skimming through my little “rules” area. If you read though it I promise planning and rping will go a lot smoother for both of us :)

Somethings I would like you to know before we start rping:

  • I am 25 years of age and would very much prefer to Rp with someone who is 18+ just because that would be a more comfortable age range for me. Nothing against you youngsters but I don’t want to be blamed for “corrupting” someone’s precious child 😂😂😂

  • I love characters with dominating/assholeish personalities. I don’t mean dominating sexually wise (though that is fine too!) I just mean I rather have someone that my characters can fight/bicker with then them being an pussy. I don’t want someone that just gives in or god forbid cries during one little fight. And if their mean but a relationship is able to build around that, that’s even better! Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for mean characters/overprotective/dominant partners. Want me to melt in your hands like putty, freaking throw that personality type my way!!

  • I love slow burn romances. I don’t want anything instant, sure an instant crush is fine, what ever. But I would like for the romance to slowly develop and build up between the two. Even more so if they start out hating each other!

  • I typically only play female characters, just because that is something I’m more comfortable with. I tend to only do F/M pairings as well. HOWEVER, I am more the happy playing any type of wife characters. My main however will always be female.

  • I typically can write anywhere between 2- 6 paragraphs per post. Though I’ve I’m really feeling an Rp, I can do 6+. Or I will try to make your post length as well! I hate even making this a request, but at the minimum I would prefer my partner to at least give me 2 paragraphs. Now sometimes only one paragraph might be called for, then so be it. But if you are only handing me one while I’m giving you five or six paragraphs then there is a problem some where and I’ll quickly lose interest.

  • I typically enjoy fantasy rps. Demons, vampires, werewolves? Fucking love that shit. However I typically, and lamely, tend to play the human counter part for my main character. Though I don’t mind playing different side characters!!

  • I also enjoy hearing other people’s ideas for plots, so don’t feel shy about asking to do something or even offering more to my own plot!! Just don’t make me come up with everything, I would really love to work together to make something grand!

  • I’m pretty ghost friendly, and I’ve been known to ghost others for multiple reasons. (One being I can’t handle conflict/disappointing someone.) However is you decide to ghost me and then want to come back to our Rp I’m totally and utterly fine with that as well!

Now onto the fun stuff :)

I’m usually down for any kind of pairing, and if I’m not feeling something I have no problem telling you. So bring any ideas/pairings of your own if you’d like! A lot of these I don’t mind mixing pairings either, just let me know what you are interested with.

  • VampireXHuman (I’m a sucker for this bullshit, no pun intended! I’m desperate for an good vampire Rp right now.)
  • WerewolfXHuman (maybe...talk me into it if you can.)
  • Arranged Marriage
  • DemonXHuman/contract
  • College Students
  • Enemies to Lovers

Feel free to send me a pm if you’d like to work something out. I’ll happily respond as soon as I can!! I hope to hear from some people soon, and if not thank you for stopping by and have an wonderful day!!

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