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Fantasy Looking for an "advanced" fantasy RP

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Hello! And happy new year. I'm 22, and I've been roleplaying since I was in my early teens. I love collaborative writing and I'm always looking to become a better writer.

Just to get the basic stuff out of the way, I'm looking for someone that's 18+ that enjoys writing and generally uses good grammar and spelling. As for length, I subscribe to the common belief of "quality over quantity," but I personally feel like 4-6 paragraphs per post at the least keeps me more engaged. I can definitely write more than that when I'm feeling inspired (especially if playing more than one character), so that's not set in stone.

I also personally love a lot of fantasy elements in my roleplays. Dragons? Yes. Shapeshifters? Yes. Centaurs? Faeries? Elves? Yes. It's all right up my alley. I'm looking for a partner that's interested in world-building and fleshing out characters. I tend towards writing male main characters, but I'm open to whatever pairings. You should be willing to play extra characters as needed. I like dark/gritty themes so you should be open to that as well. Romance isn't my main focus, and while I enjoy it, I prefer it to be a slow burn.

Below are a few simple ideas that I like to think are pretty open-ended. If there are parts you don't like, they can be changed! Especially the details about your character.

1.) Character A is a demon servant, bound to serve a magic family full of dark secrets and a great amount of power. Character B's life has been shrouded in secrecy since birth. Adopted by human parents, they have often had strange, inexplicable things happen to them. One day, Character B receives a sudden visit from Character A, explaining that they are the last in the bloodline. Character B inherits not only a great wealth, but a demon servant, a mysterious house, magical items, and a great number of people out to get them. - For this one, I'd prefer to play Character A. I'm conflicted about the kind of setting I'd like for this, though.

2.) Character A is the prince/princess of a developing kingdom, but holds a dark secret: they are a changeling, swapped out at birth by faeries in place of the true-born royalty. Character B is put in a place to become close to Character A, as an arranged marriage, a servant, etc. After discovering the secret, it is up to them to decide what to do from there. - For this one, I'd prefer to play Character A, so it's for you to decide what Character B's place is and whether they're human or not.

3.) Character A suffers from a terrible curse. After reaching a point of desperation, they come across Character B, who offers them answers and promises a cure. In return, they ask for Character A to work for them. Character A accepts, only to discover that they've been tricked into a deal with a demon, who plans on using them for evil. - For this one, I don't have a preference as to who I play. As for Character A's curse, they could be afflicted with lycanthropy, vampirism or something similar, this could go in several different directions. As for how they got the curse, that'd be up to whoever plays the character.

So, if any of these ideas inspire you, and you think we'd be compatible partners, shoot me a message! If you've read this whole thing, please tell me your favorite color, what kind of RP you'd like, and some info about the character you'd like to play or any ideas you have of your own!

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Your third plot is so intriguing! If you're still looking for partners, I'd love to figure something out with you. ^^

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