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Multiple Settings looking for a RP partner!


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Hello! Hello! Hello!

You’ve read the title, or I hope you have, so you know what this is going to be about.

About me -

-I am a minor. So, yeah. If you don’t want to RP with me, that’s fine, as I would say, “Head on over to another thread, my guy!” and that’d be that.

-I will only RP on RPN…

-I do fairly detailed replies and might take a while, as I will also be working on up to 6 other RPs to keep on top of

-I’m ghost friendly, though if you are going to ghost me, no shame in saying so. I understand I can be annoying sometimes and it hurts more if you don’t tell me your done with me. I also understand if you would like to take a break or won’t be online for a while.

-I consider myself to be an artist and might draw up my OCs or the setting of the RP if I feel like it. Sometimes I won’t draw at all for the RP, just depends on my mood.

-I mostly RP as male a male character, but I don’t mind what you RP as most often. Though, I’m will to do a female character, of course. I also will go with fxf, mxf, or mxm pairs.

What I look for -

-Someone who can help me decide on small things (like plot points or the start of the RP) as I’ll take forever figuring stuff like that out

-Please introduce yourself, at least a bit as you know this much about me but I’ll know nothing about you.

-minimal of two detailed paragraphs if there is no dialogue (as a general rule of thumb) or I’ll feel probably feel uninspired to respond

-An open mind towards changing the plot slightly mid-RP (though I doubt that will happen)

-please No god-powered OCs

My Ideas for RPs - (I will update)

Inspired by the game Infected (but you don’t need to know what that game is, I’m sure many people don’t), some sort of survival RP with zombies or something. YC had just moved to the town and just met MC, when some sort of mutant zombie infestation hit. Somehow, both characters survived, though the town is a wreck and has been entirely infested. Now, the pair have to find food, find clean water, and make themselves a shelter as the zombies hunt them down. At the same time, they have to find materials to help them arm themselves as MC handgun won’t last forever. (<3)


-An autumn centered RP in the Canadian woods where YC gets lost (for any reason) and come across an old cabin. This will start out kinda spooky when YC meets MC who comes off as super frightening at first, though after YC learns that MC really isn’t that bad and they become, like, friends? Idk, I dreamed about something like this once so I don’t care too much about this idea.


Character A, an unruly young boy, lives in some sort of large steampunky city, all alone. Without any influences, good or bad, Character A is very socially awkward and is not very fluent in speech. When Character A tries to break into Character B’s house and steal something, Character B finds him and decides to help out the kid a bit. After this, Character A forms some sort of trust with the other character and they end up forming some sort of parent-child relationship as Character B tries to help Character A grow up to lead a successful life.

Character A finds themself in a very bad place. No one around them cares for one another, even on the internet. Character A always is ready to submit to others and has no pride left; so they turn to… other ways for comfort. But that’s how it is for everyone, right? When Character A finally snaps, they run away and find Character B, and their friends. Character B, worried about Character A decides to help the other, both financially and emotionally, as a true friend. This would be a futuristic RP
(<3) = I would really like to do this RP

But I’m always willing to hear your ideas! Or we can tweak something… or everything ^^
I look forward from hearing from you.

I also go by Ace online… just… idk… a fun fact. I also go by he/them…
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Uh, I'm new so how do I dm you?
Ah, alrighty! You can just click on my icon and under all the information it shows there should be a button that says “start conversation” You can write out a title in the first, smaller box, and then write out what you wish to say to me. When you hit “send” (at least, that’s what I think it is) at the bottom of the larger text box I’ll get it and be able to reply to you! (Oh boy, I hope that made sense. If not, I can start a conversation with you-)


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You might just need to send the first message since I'm still trying to figure out the post things.

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