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Realistic or Modern Looking for a Realistic Rp

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Princess of Hell (Goddess By Birth)
Hi, My name is Alexis, I mostly go by Lex. Roleplay is something I'm very passionate about. I happen to love writing and roleplay just helps increase my imagination. I am literate but I will be honest, my grammar and punctuation suck. I have an over active brain and mt fingers can not always keep up, sometimes things won't make sense and sometimes typo happens. If your OK and understand then welcome to the dark side. Just kidding. I do play an Original Character of mine, she can be changed and edited to fit almost any roleplay. I am very open to just about anything, I have only one limit and that is no sex. Anything and everything else is perfectly fine with me. If you have an idea and want someone to roleplay with let me know. I do play mainly female, but I am willing to double with a male character if you want. Romance is a must.

My Favorite Role plays are those below.

Mafia/Gang kid/Cop kid
Paranormal Romance
Two Sides of Mafia War

I do have semi built plots for these, if your interested pm and we can talk and build the plot further. I also respond at least once a day or more if I am really getting into the roleplay. My responses are usually two or more paragraphs depending on the situation or scene were in. If you choose not to message me, thank you anyways for taking the time to read my post and have a wonderful day!

Current Craving Musician/Bodygaurd Rp.

I'm really craving a bad boy/good girl combo but I'm also down for a bad-boy /bad girl combo to. I'm also okay doing doubles.

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