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^_^ new
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
danny / minor / he him / 3rd person, past tense
if interested, PM me!!!
about me

i’ve been on-and-off roleplaying for a few years out of boredom with friends, but i’ve been in a writing kick lately and am interested in finding a partner to do so with :). i love making original characters, but it’s more fun with other people!
my size in posts will fluctuate but i promise to do 2 paragraphs at the minimum, i don’t expect an essay from my partner, but i do hope for at least 2 paragraphs
currently interested in any pairing and am willing to have a character as any gender. if doing a romantic pairing then i prefer to play the male character


when in character please use decent grammar (unlike what i'm doing this post lolol)
please only message me if you are 15-19 :)! any older or younger i am uncomfortable with. thank you
also please be willing to contribute to the plot/world building, etc. and have ooc conversations. i don’t want to just find rp partners, but also new friends
no illegal/weird pairings obvi. i also won’t do bully x bullied, etc.


genres im interested in include:
- fantasy
- action
- adventure
- sci-fi
- romance
- supernatural

dynamics/themes i enjoy are:
- werewolf x vampire
- human x vampire
- prince/princess x knight
- royals generally
- rival students

have a good day!

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