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As the title says, I'm looking for partners to RP with! I've been RPing for 10+ years..although I've become quite rusty after having taken a break from it for a couple of years. Anyways, I know what you're here for, so let's jump right into it!

What I expect from you:
  • 2-3 paragraph replies at a minimum
  • Replies multiple times a day are always great, but I understand life happens and we're all busy so I'd say maybe at least one reply once a week, or to just reply when you can, and I'll do the same!
  • Plot with me!
  • Let me know if you have any triggers before we start
  • As long as you can form sentences that I can understand, we're good to go!
  • I'm down for ooc chat - I've got discord, or we can also just chat on here. I'd love to share memes and talk about our RP!
What you should know about me:
  • I tend to get intimidated by really lengthy posts...like 1500+ words (unless it's a starter). I'm not someone who can write more than 1500+ words consistently (unless I'm feeling SUPER passionate about the RP or there's a lot that needs to be written) - This doesn't mean that you can't write long posts, I'll try to mirror your posts if you do
  • I do have a full-time job so my replies might be inconsistent depending on my schedule - If I'm really interested and not too busy, I can reply multiple times in a day
  • I only do MxF and prefer playing the female, but can double up if you'd like
  • I have side characters, and would prefer if you had some too as it can get pretty boring between just two characters - I also love side character romances (I'm also down for platonic friendships between these characters)
  • I only do OC x OC (I guess you could convince me to do canon x OC, but you'd have to play the canon character and I need to know the fandom well enough)
  • Realistic face-claims please!
  • To let me know you've read this so far, let me know what your favourite food is
Some rough pairings I have in mind:
* = how badly I'm craving this

- Bad boy x good girl ** (I would be playing as the M)
- Jock x nerd (I can play either role, M or F)
- Best friends who are too afraid of confessing to one another in fear of ruining their friendship *** (I prefer to play F)
- The one that got away *** (I prefer to play F)
- Arranged marriage ** (I prefer to play F)
- Soulmate AU ** (I prefer to play F)
- Enemies to lovers ** (can play either M or F)
- Fake relationships that become real * (I prefer to play F)

These pairings can be mixed together to make one pairing. For example, the best friends pairing + the one that got away, or enemies to lovers + soulmate AU. We can discuss more while we're plotting.

Some slightly more developed plot ideas:

Party Pooper:
Muse A is invited to a party hosted by Muse B but Muse A doesn't really like parties. Muse A is persuaded by their friend to attend this party, and Muse A ends up going begrudgingly. While at the party, Muse A finds herself complaining about it to Muse B, not knowing that he's the host. Muse B goes along with what Muse A is saying. Muse A is left mortified when she later finds out that she was complaining about the party to the host himself.
- I would prefer to play Muse A

Fake It Till You Make It:
Muse A's parents are coming to pay a visit to Muse A, and the last time they did, Muse A was in a long-term relationship with Muse B. They tell Muse A that they would like to finally meet Muse B during their visit. For whatever reason, Muse A and Muse B had broken up (the timeframe and reason for their break up can be discussed). Unwilling to face the backlash from their parents about the whole situation, Muse A finds themselves desperate and throws themselves at the feet of Muse B, begging them to pretend they are still in a relationship.
- I can play either Muse A or B

Can We Pretend?:
This is a slight alteration to the Fake it till you make it plot. Muse A's parents are coming to pay a visit to Muse A, and the last time they did, Muse A was in a better situation. Muse A was engaged and well on their way to getting married, until they found out their fiance(e) was cheating on them for who knows how long. Muse B, who is Muse A's childhood friend, who is the only person who knows about the entire extent of the cheating fiance(e) situation just so happens to be within reach. Without anyone else to turn to who already knows the situation at hand, Muse A finds themselves asking Muse B to move in with them and play house to entertain Muse A's parents.
- I can play either Muse A or B, but I prefer to play Muse B

The plots I explained above might be kinda confusing in the way I wrote them, but if you're interested, we can change the plot or I can elaborate.

I don't have many ideas, but I'm open to suggestions!

I'm also ghost-friendly! I know it can be hard to tell someone you're just not interested anymore, so I completely understand.

If you have any questions, or are interested in any of the ideas listed above, feel free to PM me and/or leave a comment below! :)
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I could be interested in trying out jock and nerd. Being the nerd F. Their last year at the school. Or one of the years at college. Enemies to lovers or fake dating could suits in it maybe as well. 🤔☺️

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