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Fandom Looking for a new RP partner

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Hey, Name's Kate and I'm a 28 year old female.

I'm a pretty chill person who works late in IT so I have a lot of time on my hands between noon to 1 am EDT. I prefer to use email or google docs because I'm a weirdo who likes to go back and re read rp's. Got burned by my last rp partner so I'm on the hunt for another. I can play any pairing or and whatever gender is needed. I love MxM and MxF, haven't done a FxF really ever, none of my part partners have been into that for some reason.

I prefer females to rp with; just more comfortable with them. Please be 21+ because I like to explore some wild stuff. Nothing non-con or anything but there's gonna be some bloodshed.
I really like to do OC's but I can also play canon characters depending on who they are. Note: I will take these worlds and bend their canon until they break and shatter and build it back up while laughing wildly. Nothing is sacred, do not expect any of these plots to look the same when we're done. Some of my fandoms I'm looking for include:

-Harry Potter
-Dragon Age
-Final Fantasy 14

Original stuff I'm also very interested in!

Modern Supernatural

I'm a huge gamer and I do like to talk about our head canons and characters. Please talk to me about games. On a side note; I prefer to use skype or discord for OOC talk. I may not post more then once a day since I'm either working or usually gaming with friends. I'm really sorry if you prefer faster paced.

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