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hello hello and yet another hello! It's been months since I've last been here, and a even longer time since I've had a nice roleplay, so I'm here in hopes of finding one. I only have a few rules which aren't anything new: no soft/shy bby ocs who have no backbone, please rp in third person + be fairly descriptive(for ref, about 300+ words?), rps only go on here because I don't have discord. I'm also hoping for a semi-active person whose willing to go long-term(or not, no pressure) Also forgot to include that when it comes to faceclaims, I use animated fcs(not picrew ones, I find them a bit weird :/). I'm open to both fandoms and roleplays, so that'll be listed below. If anything catches your eye, go ahead and pm me!

Just a little note, all fandoms listed will be done in a ocxoc fashion; I don't do canon x oc or canon x canon
- warrior cats
- wings of fire
- pokemon
- demon slayer

I have more, but as of time of posting, these are the ones I'm most info.

Note: ❤ = I really wanna do this rp

- person a is a strange being. See, they're a rare creature who feeds off of human pain. They seem to be the perfect match for person b, who needs a bodyguard. I'll be person a(already have a slight plot for this bad boy and we can jump into more detail if you pick this one)❤

- Person a is a prince, who loves nothing more then teasing their bodyguard, person b. From inviting them to romantic walks to trying to feed them fruit from a fork, person b has a very demanding life; having to deny any advances from the prince. After all, person a is royalty, and will one day be married. Oh, if only he didnt have eyes for his guard....(basically a stern/serious bodyguard x a flirty/teasing prince) I'll play person a(closed for now)

- The world has been overrun by monsters/zombies(you can pick which) and it seems bad. person a had been living good so far; though has had their fair share of run ins. But then they meet person b, who is neither human nor monster. They claim that their here to end the thing, but their not very..hero like. All the same, shit happens and it's gonna be wild. I'll be playing person b❤

- While most people have pet dogs or cats...person a has a pet vampire. they found person b barely hanging onto life and took pity on them, and now they have a vampire that tends to their every need! In exchange for blood of course. Bonus: person b doesn't give off scary vampire vibes and just looks vv nice until he lifts up a fucking car. Bonus bonus: person a is usually known for being serious(maybe their a office worker or gang leader or something idk) and person b takes care of them because they don't eat well? And not eating good makes their blood taste bad or sum. Bonus bonus bonus: Everyone thinks their dating bc why else would the person you live with always be around you??And cook for you?? Like that's the only explanation broI'd like to play person b aka the vampire.❤

- I wanna do a owner x human pet thing where the owner comes home and finds out his pet is actually a human. They can be pretty much anything you'd like as long as they aren't the soft femboy nekos (not to say they can't be a cat). But I wanted to add a twist where the owner has more then one pet. And then like..poly- But I'd like to play the owner(feel free to make as many human animal thingys as you'd like tho)

- Every magic user has a familiar, and it's tradition to summon one at the age of fifteen. Everyones managed to do it, and those who don't usually have trouble using their magic, or can't at all. Meet person a, someones whose turning eighteen and no sign of their familiar. They can feel their magic weakening, until they can't even do the simplest spells without feeling discomfort. On the eighteenth birthday they give it their best and last shot, using all their remaining magic to call out to their familiar; hopefully summoning them. At first, nothing happens...but then..person b appears! person b is their familiar, and not just any normal one, their a A grade, meaning their incredibly powerful. person a, whose always lived life in the shadows will now have the spotlight turned on them as they go from powerless to powerful. I'll be playing person b(A lil iffy abt this one)

- Person A is a very feared person when it comes to illegal activities, their generally someone who you don't mess with. Everyone knows that,however there is one expectation to that rule. Person B, who is both excluded and their lover. However the dynamic is not what you'd expect. Cool and scarily collected person a absolutely melts when they're around person b. And person b is the cool and collected one whose far more mature then his illegal loving counterpart.I just imagine person a switching from murder to attention starved child and person b who deals with their mood swings with a sigh. I prefer to play person b.❤

- A fantasy world,with fantasy creatures. A similar concept to a video game where the world is huge,you can ride some monsters,trade with others and do quests for gold. Just wanna have some good ol fun making up things in my brain. For this I have two concept/oc ideas: a thief kitsune or a dude who steals his villages ancient spellbook and is some kinda black magic user

- Person A is a flirt, and anyone whose been around them for five minutes would know that. Their charm is contagious and it's like a disease that everyone has caught. Except for Person B, who isn't interested in them one bit. Of course Person A is determined to get them, convinced that they're just playing hard to get. However as time goes on, it becomes lesser and lesser of a game as Person A realizes that they might just be falling for person B. I'd like to play person b.❤

-person a and b hate eachother; and have since they were kids. They use anything to ruin the other lives. How long the other wet the bed, the dumb things, and any failed tests or rejects from the others crush. However, there is one secret...person a is a supernatural creature. When they turn eighteen, they go to school and make eye contact with person b. However, rather then annoyance, person a is left confused and flabbergasted. Why? Because person b is their other half/mate/soulmate. The problem with this is obvious. For one, they hate eachother. and two...person b is a human. I'd like to play person b❤

- Ok yeah a roleplay with cute dates and stuff is cute but what about other things? I wanna see couples cooking dinner and insults about who cuts the onions better. I wanna see some self care days where they clip eachothers nails, wearing matching face masks and gossip lazily as they dunk their feet into those spa treatment kits. I need to see al; the things most dont think about, like one walking into the kitchen and pointing at the plate of food the others eating and going " Oh I know that isnt my leftover pizza!" Gimme something different but cute please .

- Ok ok,soulmate idea! But its a cop x criminal. Like maybe its a thing where the timer on their wrists go off and the second the cops like ' freeze!' he looks at his wrist and goes 'oh shit' and cue him trying to reform the criminal like they go shopping and hes like ' no, we dont steal, give them their money back-' and the criminals like ' ugh!' but they rlly love when the cop praises them for being good. So maybe like a gruff cop x a flirty criminal I can dig that- I'd like to play the criminal.❤(would LOVE to mix this one w/the plot above)

When it comes to roleplaying, I don't mind doing forms or just dropping a faceclaim and hopping right in. Really, feel free to let me know which you prefer and I'll happily work with it! Anyways, pm me if interested(and not comment here bc I'll be frequently bumping the thread), thanks ! <3
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