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Realistic or Modern Looking for a m/m 1/1 with fandoms or ocs

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✨So high I could eat a star✨
Ayoo it's me...again.
I'm just looking for a few roleplays because I am very bored and very much so wanting to roleplay. I have a oc but m willing to make an oc for a specific plot or world. I also do fandom roleplays if that is your kind of thing. I like romance, horror, dark themes, and things like that so if you are still intrigued keep reading on.

Where do I roleplay?
Well, I forget to check this sight a lot. But I use twitter to roleplay as well so if you want someone more active you can ask for my @. I'd be fine roleplaying on here too so don't worry. (I also have wattpad but we won't talk about that).

What are my fandoms?
There are a lot of them but I'll list my absolute favorites as of now.
Supernatural, MCYT's, Bungo Stray Dogs, My Hero Academia (I don't watch the show but I really love the characters), and others just ask me about a fandom and I'll give a yes or no.

Cravings as of now?
Dean x Castiel
Emerald Duo
Dazai and Chuuya
Any ship from MHA involving either Shinsou or Dabi

I have one oc made and ready to use but if we come up with a plot he doesn't fir then I will make one specifically for our roleplay.

I will rarely do cc/oc because i like doing cc/cc more but sometimes I will do it. It is very rare though.

Thank you for reading through! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Want to roleplay? Send me a DM. I don't bite : )

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